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Hollywood Apocalypse: The rich and famous are fleeing in droves as liberal politics and coronavirus have turned the City of Dreams into a cesspit 2 August 16, 2020
Social Justice Groups Call For Boycott Of The Racist And Supremacist Anti-Defamation League 4 August 15, 2020
Scotland Prepares National Celebration As Its 8,000 Jews Threaten To Leave En Masse 4 August 15, 2020
Trump’s ex lawyer reveals president’s lies, ‘golden showers’ and tax fraud 4 August 15, 2020
Thousands demand removal of huge ‘White Pride’ billboard from main road into town 3 August 14, 2020
Freeze them out: Call for boycott of 'woke' US ice-cream company Ben & Jerry's for condemning UK attempts to curb Channel migrants 3 August 14, 2020
Student activist killed in shooting weeks after protesting police presence in CPS 6 August 5, 2020
Hundreds of new homeless turn UWS into a spectacle of drugs and harassment: residents 7 August 9, 2020
Jeffrey Epstein and his girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell were Israeli spies who used underage girls to blackmail politicians into giving information to Israel, revealed a new book by a former Israeli spy 1 August 9, 2020
Racist Wetherspoons drinker tells Jewish student, 21, 'we should have GASSED the lot of you' 4 August 9, 2020
Law Enforcement & The Hostile Elite 1 August 9, 2020
Michigan and Nevada both declared that “racism” was a “public health crisis” on Wednesday 1 August 7, 2020
Prominent Ferguson activist who has assisted Black Lives Matter movement is charged with prostitution of 17-year-old girl after sex sting operation 1 August 7, 2020
Jewish Woman Who Saw Swastika On Gate Demands Owner Be Charged With ‘Incitement To Commit Murder’ 1 August 6, 2020
‘Tens Of Thousands’ Of Pedophiles Openly Operate In Israel Every Year ‘Without Any Problem’ 1 August 6, 2020
700 UK Music Industry Members Sign Letter Promising Never To Criticize The Jews They All Work For 1 August 6, 2020
Keeley Bunker, 20, dancing with a 'friend' - hours before he raped and murdered her 2 August 6, 2020
Kindergarten Cop is CANCELED: Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1990 comedy is pulled from film festival for 'romanticizing over-policing children' and is compared to Birth Of A Nation 3 August 6, 2020
Jewish Music ‘Producer’ Mark Ronson Denies Jewish Domination Of The Music Industry 4 August 5, 2020
The Total Cost of Trump’s Tariffs 1 August 4, 2020
Police bodycam footage shows moment-by-moment arrest of George Floyd for the first time 5 August 4, 2020
The Disturbing Rise of Anti-Semitism Among Black Celebs 5 July 31, 2020
Now YouTube comes under pressure for refusing to delete Wiley's account after the rapper's anti-Semitic outbursts that saw him kicked off Twitter and Facebook 2 July 31, 2020
U.S. State Department To Demand Reparations On Behalf Of Jews For Holocaust AND Jewish Communism 1 July 30, 2020
Jews Demand NAACP Fire Leader For Warning Fellow Blacks That Jews Rule Over Them 1 July 30, 2020
Diane Abbott's son 'had crystal meth delivered to her £1.2million home and chased her with scissors claiming to have a gun in his dressing gown pocket', court hears 2 July 30, 2020
'People hate Jews': Seth Rogen says he's glad his Dad warned him about antisemitism as he says he was 'fed a huge amount of lies' about Israel when he was a child attending Jewish schools 2 July 30, 2020
Wiley: Rapper deleted from Facebook and Instagram after abuse of Jewish critics 2 July 29, 2020
Ten Arabs Convicted of Drugging and Gang Raping German Girl outside Nightclub 1 July 27, 2020
German paper goes hysteric over Nazis settling on a remote God forgotten island in Canada 1 July 27, 2020