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Tech companies slam Trump's executive order restricting work visas 1 June 23, 2020
Talcom X , aka Shaun King Calls For Destroying Statues Of Jesus, Smashing Stained Glass 3 June 23, 2020
Three people are feared dead and nine injured in suspected terrorist stabbing attack 'by a Libyan man' in a Reading park two hours after BLM protest took place as man is arrested at the scene 'by hero policeman who rugby-tackled him' 5 June 22, 2020
Revealed: The British arm of Black Lives Matter's full agenda - abolish the police, smash capitalism... and close all prisons 3 June 21, 2020
One Dead After Shooting In Seattle Autonomous Zone 1 June 20, 2020
FBI tracked down "white woman" who set cop cars alight by tracing custom t-shirt she wore at a Philadelphia demonstration to Etsy - which led them to her LinkedIn and Poshmark accounts 7 June 20, 2020
Muhammad Ali’s son says dad would have hated ‘racist’ Black Lives Matter 3 June 20, 2020
Far-Left Bartender Spies on Customer and Outs Him on Facebook for Criticizing Black Lives Matter — Owner Sides with Bartender 2 June 18, 2020
Slavery Nearly Universal Among ‘Native American’ Indian Tribes Prior To White Settlement 2 June 18, 2020
Angela Merkel Panders To World Jewry: Holocaust ‘Most Terrible Crime Ever Perpetrated Against Humanity’ 1 June 18, 2020
'I kneel for two people - the Queen and my wife': Dominic Raab faces backlash as he says BLM 'taking the knee' protest is from 'Game of Thrones' and a symbol of 'subjugation' 1 June 18, 2020
George Tenet former Director of Central Intelligence , Drunk in Bandar's Pool, Screaming about Jews 3 June 18, 2020
Boy Scouts to require diversity and inclusion merit badge for rank of Eagle Scout 3 June 17, 2020
South Africa: Built by Whites, Wrecked by Blacks - Will We Let It Happen in America? 1 June 17, 2020
Is the Black Lives Matter Organization a Money Laundering Scheme? 4 June 16, 2020
Soccer WAG says she got death threats because she’s ‘married to a black man’ 2 June 16, 2020
Instagram Censors FBI Crime Stats Graph As 'Hate Speech' 2 June 14, 2020
We Must Dismantle Jewish Supremacy - Silence Is Not an Option 5 June 14, 2020
Oscars so woke: Academy to enforce new ‘diversity & representation’ standards on Hollywood 4 June 14, 2020
Why You No Longer Recognize Your Country 3 June 14, 2020
Jewish Secret Society Pressures Canadian Police To Arrest Polish Newspaper Owner Who Offended Them 3 June 14, 2020
Turkish Police Recover Stolen Jewish Torah Scrolls Decorated With Satanic Illuminati Symbolism 2 June 13, 2020
Elite ‘White-Passing’ Jews In U.K. To Be Formally Investigated For Racism Against Jews Of Color 1 June 13, 2020
Jews Incensed When ‘Uppity’ Rapper Ice Cube Becomes A Real ‘Nigga With Attitude’ About Jews 1 June 13, 2020
Moment hero workmen and Deliveroo rider pin suspect to the ground after Hasidic Jew in his 50s is stabbed on London street 2 June 12, 2020
Calls to change Germany's constitution to remove reference to 'race' after lawmakers declare 'there are no 'races', only human beings' 3 June 12, 2020
Money Laundering: Global Donations to Black Lives Matter Funneled to US's Democratic Party 2 June 12, 2020
Priti Patel leads condemnation of 'sickening, shocking, disgraceful' attack on policeman 2 June 11, 2020
Gates-Funded Professor Neil Ferguson Claims 1-Week Earlier Lockdown Would Have Halved UK Deaths 1 June 10, 2020
Four UK neo-Nazis jailed for membership of National Action 3 June 10, 2020