Jewish 9/11 Attack on America is Still Killing First Responders


In the official narrative as per Wiki, 92% of the human remains were "consumed by the impact". Judging from the available photos, I'd say the coroner Wally Miller isn't very honest about finding the remaining 8%.


A rookie bureaucrat bitch responsible for that region (SW Pennsylvania) got promoted and then attacked Chong for selling bongs online. Not to defend pot smokers but obviously promotions got handed out to people who repeat the lies.


My Opa was on site of an airline crash in Illinois. Body parts were everywhere. Haunted him. Why nothing in Penn?


When I was debating this back in 2006, the official story about UA93 was so full of holes that even the shills would concede that the plane might have been shot down.


“Consumed by impact”. Is this the best that ZOG can do ?!?!?! (((they ))) laugh at us for believing this shit.


Guess that’s shitload of thermite that has been put up there to fuel the burning- just to make sure.


The documentary “Missing Links” along with “1/3rd of the holocaust” brought me back to National Socialism. I was fashy in middle school but abandoned it in high school to be accepted. Thanks to jews, overplaying their hand, I am awake and happiest I ever have been knowing I am on the right side.


That and the Daily Slave.


I had a similar experience. I joined the skinhead clique to be just “cool” without any full understanding of the Jewish question.


I fell into a clique myself (yes, they used that word). It was 3rd positionist, leaned left and anti-racist. Became 2nd in command until I left when I realized they were LARPing as revolutionaries. The jq was off limits. I feel bad about being involved with them but between them and inline hockey I didn’t become a drug addict and die.


After the skinhead clique sort of dissolved, I went “normie” and leftist. After interaction with the spics and niggers, At one point in my life I had cornrows. Yes, I know! Cornrows! Cultural appropriation, haha. It fucking hurts and caused headache. Anyways, Then I began to learn more and more about the race and IQ, learning subconsciously. And then joined my father’s business after doing some college to this date, and from there I learned more about the he kikes and how to be careful dealing with the thieving kikes so here I am now full on fash. Looking back, Being in skinhead gave me white pride and my ethnic awareness, despite being rejected for being a wop lol, that’s what’s it only benefit me. The Internet, taught me the rest.
One guy I recently met, that used to be in the same skinhead clique, ended up being addicted on hard drugs. Guess he didn’t yet understand what we understood. He was beyond his own comphrension and looked like 50. Brain damaged as well


Cornrows are hard to do, my hair takes after my fathers Czech side not my moms Deutsche side so it basically does its own thing. Curly brown hair calls the shots in summer. Was born blonde though. I have to accept credit/blame on what has become known as “goth”. Back in high school I wore fishnets, black nailpolish, and a chain wallet that could pull a truck out of a ditch. I did that because grunge kids and burnouts were wearing multiple chains and I thought they were posers. I stole culture from a tow truck.


Every time someone says diversity brings better food I point across the Alps to the greatest food makers in the world! Deutsche food is boring minus our deserts. Love cooking and eating Italian inspired dishes. This is me, virtue signaling. Pretty sure 5 cheese ravioli helped AH give South Tyrol to Italia. Lol


The Alps region cusuine are good, love them. They are more northern European inspired and are heavy with cream and cheese.

Where most of my family come from, Napoli, we eat lots of fish and of course pastas and pizza. NY Thin crust is inspired by Napoli style wood fired pizzas. I go crazy over clam linguine, arancini and baccala cooked with white wine. If I have rabbit meat on hand, from trapping garden varmints, I quarter it and cook it in red wine. My family grows own greens, such as spinach, chard etc as well as peppers and tomatoes, an Italian must. We braise the chard or spinach with garlic and serve it with shredded parmigano reggiano cheese
We grow our own figs here as well.
As my mom’s side, Slovakian and polish Nationals, we eat pierogies stuffed with ricotta cheese or potatoes and Kielbasa during Christmas

Europe has plenty of diversity eh?


Also to add, my Italian great grandfather loved to catch and cook songbirds- it’s a peasant thing… and in Italy today, songbirds are considered an delicacy. He looked like Hannibal Lecter, a stocky build with that mean look with huge hands. He worked as an skilled stonemason in italy and naturally found a job laying stone and bricks here.


Thay retook the plane from Mossad terrorists then evil scumbag Dick Cheney ordered our own military to murder them all, otherwise their cover would have been blown. The other jets with Mossad in the cockpit climbed in altitude, disabled the oxygen masks then depressurized the cabin killing all on board. Then they flew to Israel to destroy the evidence.


Yes,. This is an excellent video about the trade Towers being rigged with explosives.

At about 27:30 into the video they discuss a HUGE explosion in the basement BEFORE the planes hit. That could have been a small nuke.


Hard to judge cooking song birds when my stepfather fed me my pet bunny. He was a southerner. Mom told me it was haas und pfeffer.


Back in my old home in Illinois we had a real Italian restaurant. Sold swordfish steak. Went their after work for a biere and true Sicialian pizza. Yum! Best part was my sales manager was sitting near by and covered my tab. This is what White Culture looks like!


Italian Americans took down flight 93? Finally a theory I can like. [Insert “hey Tone” meme here]