Jewish 9/11 Attack on America is Still Killing First Responders


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One of the worst things about the 9/11 attacks is that firefighters, police and other first responders were tasked with doing a massive cleanup of the buildings after that fell. They were ordered to do this job despite the fact that the air was toxic from asbestos and other building materials that were destroyed. Many of these first responders later developed all sorts of horrible diseases as a result of their exposure to these elements.

Even though he was on the brink of death, one of these men named Luis Alvarez testified to Congress a few weeks ago begging them to provide consistent health benefits to those first responders. That man has since died stemming from illnesses he suffered due to his exposure to the toxic air around ground zero.

NBC News:

Luis Alvarez, the retired police officer who along with Jon Stewart appeared before Congress earlier this month to plead for consistent health benefits for 9/11 first responders, has died.

The Ray Pfeifer Foundation, a nonprofit that helps first responders who became ill after 9/11 with medical needs not covered by insurance, shared the news on social media Saturday morning.

“We lost another 9/11 first responder. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of NYPD Detective Luis Alvarez,” the organization wrote on Twitter.

The fact that the kike Jon Stewart was with him is a slap in the face. Stewart spent much of his career doing The Daily Show which during the 2000s was actually a somewhat culturally significant program. Throughout his tenure, he covered up the Jewish involvement in the 9/11 attacks and spent his energy attacking people like Dick Cheney while raging about wars for oil.

I don’t believe for a second that he gives a shit about any of these first responders. He is only offering his public support to misdirect people from finding out that the Jews were involved in the attacks.

The reason why there was such a rush to clean up the rubble is because a proper forensic analysis of the scene would have revealed many inconvenient things about what really happened. The Jews couldn’t have that which is why the first responders were ordered to clean up the mess as quickly as possible irregardless of what that would do to their health. The metal from the buildings was actually shipped out of the country. It was a massive operation designed to cover up evidence.

This shouldn’t sit well with anybody. And if it doesn’t sit well with you, you should be angry at the Jews. They along with the Saudis were the one’s primarily involved in the attacks. They were also the one’s who gained the most from what happened. The death of this man and all those other first responders is on their hands.


Home slice should have refused to clean up the mess the kikes made. If someone tells me to clean up and inhale asbestos ,I’m going to speak my mind before kicking ass. We used to be a nation of doers and thinkers, not a nation of fuckin zombies .


Exactly right… there was no mention at the hearings who was REALLY responsible for this man’s suffering and early death. As we all here know, Jews and BushCo did 9/11 then the City sent the firemen into a building that they likely knew was rigged with explosives. the governor and Mayor previously knew about 9/11. these same psychos then told the firemen and everyone else that the dust was SAFE compounding their criminality.

i recently saw a 9/11 video and this guy believes that mini nukes were planted in those towers and that the first responders are suffering from diseases that are related to radiation exposure. he says that this theory is valid give several reasons not the least of which is that the steel remained molten for WEEKS after the towers fell. that’s some powerful jet fuel… :wink: they found military grade nano-thermite in the dust which is very dangerous to breath.



Even if there’s such a thing as mini-nukes, they wouldn’t have been used. For one thing jews would not nuke their own city! It would be easy to determine if nukes were used with a simple Geiger counter. And the half-life of plutonium and uranium is far too long (millions of years). That area of Manhattan would be uninhabitable.
These people inhaled pulverized building, literally. That includes glass, carpet, concrete, furniture, computer parts, flooring and walling material, etc., as well as asbestos. So It’s not surprising that the victims were experiencing radiation-like symptoms.
Conventional explosives and thermite/thermate were used. Nothing exotic or special was needed despite all the fanciful theories about “nano-thermite” (if that’s even a thing), etc.

First rule of 9/11 conspiracies should be: Keep it simple - disinfo abounds. And yes, there were planes.


So the cost of removing the asbestos in the WTC would have been astronomical . Did this Larry Silverberg clown own these buildings for less than 2 years before they were heavily insured for millions of dollars ? It would explain why he insisted that it was 2 separate attacks instead of one.


Silverstein was granted the lease to the WTC about 6 weeks before it was destroyed. And yes, the cost of removing the asbestos was prohibitive. The Towers were big money-losers as they were.



A joo does not take a gamble on real estate without having a lot of background info .


Perhaps that’s true. All I’m saying is that nukes weren’t needed. Why use them when conventional explosives will do the job?


All 3 buildings were brought down with conventional demolition building charges. The planes went through like a hot knife through butter something was changed in the spots that were hit. Steel verse aluminum Steel will win every time.


I don’t believe the planes that hit the towers were those commercial jets. It’s possible they were modified in some way, for example reinforcing the leading edges of the wings, though I doubt that was even necessary.
The planes were travelling around 500mph or so when they hit, which means they had a tremendous amount of momentum, more than enough to breach those exterior columns. Granted, steel is harder than aluminum and the reinforcing trusses in the wings, but it wouldn’t matter as the planes hit with a huge amount of force.
To make this point more clear, I remember seeing a video of a guy using a powerful spud gun shooting holes through thin metal. It’s a similar situation where the projectile is softer than the target, but it hits with sufficient force to penetrate the metal.


I meant they modified the buildings.


I don’t follow you. Why would they do that?


I always wondered why Hiroshima and Nagasaki weren’t abandoned after they were nuked.


The inescapable factor remains that whatever was in WTC-7 (((they))) wanted it destroyed. The building was evacuated shortly after the supposed planes hit the twin towers and collapsed without fire or building damages? Huh? Controlled demolitions is the obvious assumption.

What was hidden in building 7 that was so dangerous for them that it needed to burn?
I know.


The thermite was found in the dust so that is fact. It was used to cut the beams into truck sized pieces. Look at the pics of the rubble. The beams look like they were torched . As far as the nukes. The last time they tried this they used a truck bomb and it wasn’t enough. It’s possible that a small nuke was placed in the basement. Also,. Who’s going to do a radiation test? The news wouldn’t print it even if they did.

We’re talking about Psychopaths here. There is nothing too horrific for their consideration.


Building 7 was the presumed control center for the demo job. Years before the attack the 23rd(?) floor was modified with special reinforced glass. It also had its own air, water and electricity supply, and was to be used in the event of a ‘terrorist attack’. It also offered a perfect view of the towers. How about that? I’m not saying this floor was originally modified especially for 9/11 but it’s possible. If it was the actual control center for the demo which seems likely, then it goes without saying it would have to go too.

No, it was on fire but it was only on a few floors like the towers. Again, fire is the official reason for Building 7’s collapse.


Nah, I don’t buy the nuke hypothesis. Conventional explosives all the way. And thermite/thermate.

edit: The existence of ‘mini-nukes’ is contentious at best. It’s good practice to use simple, plausible ideas rather than introducing exotic variables. Occam’s Razor.


There are clips of people saying they heard one or more explosions at the base of the buildings. There is also a video where you can hear at least one explosion.