Jewish 9/11 Attack on America is Still Killing First Responders


It would be easy to determine if we knew the Japs were on their way to Pearl Harbor (and now we know we knew they were coming but still didn’t give any warning)


This video contains just about all the firsthand accounts of explosions and much more. It’s the best video made about the demolitions, imo. It’s long but is watchable and has excellent sourcing.

#23 has info about the mini-nukes…


Mini-nukes be damned!


What else will keep steel molten for weeks?


I was at the Moose lodge watching the cleanup work. We all made the observation that the first responders bucket brigade were not wearing respiration protection. Reep as you sow.


it’s not my hypothesis. i too lean toward conventional explosives. regardless we are splitting hairs. it doesn’t matter what they used to destroy the buildings it’s the fact that they were rigged with explosives that matters.


Because the power of nuclear weapons is greatly exaggerated. Most of the pics you see of the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the result of firebombings similiar to that of Dresden.


The guy who runs Veterans Day admitted years ago that a large percent of what he publishes is disinformation. So if they were pushing mini-nuke articles, that makes me question the entire theory.

But either way, there was certainly some type of explosives inside those buildings that brought them down. WTC-7 being the most obvious example of the three.


I thought WTC 7 collapsed in a show of solidarity with the Twin Towers - honk honk.


Yes I’m aware of that. There have been tremendous advances in all fields. For example, compare the first automobiles made to the ones we have now. These advances are not always made public, especially if there are military applications involved. The government made up stories of aliens crashing in the desert when in fact the flying craft were and continue to be ‘black projects’ which are super secret. I believe there have been advances in weapons technology including nuclear weapons technology that the military and others try to keep under wraps for as long as possible…


Here’s a page I wrote years ago, which goes into the technical details of how I believe WTC1 was taken down.

To summarize a few points, the extremely high, thermite-like temperatures were probably caused from a propellant consisting of powdered aluminum with an oxidizer such as potassium perchlorate, embedded in fake fireproofing (SFRM) of Israeli manufacture. The Al/potassium perchlorate reaction releases more than twice as much energy by mass compared to thermite.

Another accelerant embedded in the SFRM would have been a plastic polymer such as low-density polyethylene (PE-LD), which has a low melt flow index and a high heat of combustion in excess of 40 MJ/kg for heating the steel floor trusses. The propellant is analogous to the jet fuel (in making sure the plastic burns right along the length of the trusses), and the plastic is analogous to the office combustibles (in providing most of the heat released from the fires, albeit at lower flame temperatures). The 102-minute collapse time would be related to the time the propellant takes to burn across most of the length of the trusses, including propagating at 90 degrees along steel/steel interfaces, such as a main truss to a transverse truss.

The Israeli “fireproofing” was shipped across the Atlantic through the Zim “American”-Israeli Shipping company (which is why they moved out of the WTC one week in advance of the attacks), and the Israeli moving companies such as Urban Moving Systems operating in NJ and NY in the late Nineties had the job of intercepting the genuine Cafco Blaze-Shield II shipped out of Stanhope, NJ, destined for Manhattan, switching it with the lethal Israeli fake SFRM, and handing over at least 280 tons of Blaze-Shield II (56 tons per floor) to Jewish real estate developers such as Lucky Larry Silverstein, whose role was to launder it for use in their own projects.

For other local Jewish real estate developers involved in covering up the Jewish terrorist murders, look at who bribed the jailbird Bernard Kerik to help cover up Israel’s role and promote the official narrative, such as Kerik’s claim that a “hijacker’s” passport had been discovered, and “there was no explosives in the [Israeli] van”. Kerik had rent payments to the value of more than $236,000 paid between 2001 and 2003 by Steven C. Witkoff, a New York real estate developer with business links and other associations with Israel, and received a $28,000 “loan” from Nathan Berman, a prominent local real estate developer and former art dealer who’d immigrated from the Ukraine in 1973. Kerik also received a $250,000 “loan” from Israeli billionaire Eitan Wertheimer via Brooklyn marble and stone merchant Shimon Cohen who served as intermediary in the transaction. This was after Kerik went on a 4-day trip to Israel from August 26-29, 2001, where he met Wertheimer, two weeks in advance of 9/11/01. Wertheimer was “friends with prime ministers”, one of whom was Benjamin Netanyahu.

The latter’s friend Larry Silverstein was already the builder and owner of WTC7 in 1991, which is when Israeli security officials noted that Zim American-Israeli Shipping’s underground garage in the WTC was vulnerable to a truck bomb. In February 1993 a truck bomb exploded in the Secret Service’s section of the underground car park beneath WTC1, after an FBI supervisor had called off a plan to substitute harmless powder for the explosives. The conspirators included a Mossad mole and an FBI informant.

The truck bombing provided the pretext for fireproofing “upgrades”. But they never intended to replace the asbestos fireproofing on all of the floors, only those that were needed to destroy the Towers. Benjamin Netanyahu’s BSc in architecture from MIT afforded him the skills to calculate, together with access to blueprints for the Towers provided either by his friend Larry Silverstein or from Port Authority of New York and New Jersey chairman Lewis M. Eisenberg, that five contiguous floors of a Tower needed to be taken out in order for the lack of bracing to raise the slenderness ratio of enough core columns above the critical slenderness ratio, so that Euler buckling of core columns, bowing of perimeter columns, and ultimately global collapse, would ensue.

See here for my most up to date page naming the various culprits.

And, in one of the many “bizarre cohencidences”, Flight 11 smashed into the North Tower with a roll angle of 25° so that the main damage area spanned five floors, those floors happed to be 94-98 in the very center of upgraded floors 92-100, and the SFRM on targeted floors 94-98 was revealed by NIST NCSTAR 1-6A, Table 4-2 from pre-2001, post-upgrade measurements to have higher density, high adhesion/cohesion, and a higher thickness, as would be expected for a lethal, fake SFRM with embedded accelerants.


As for WTC2, that seems to have been more like a thermate job as seen from the orange-yellow flow of tons of molten material pouring out of the windows. And Building 7 was taken down more in the manner of a conventional controlled demolition, whereas I would described WTC1 as an uncontrolled demolition.


Don’t forget that Larry Silverstein is Trump’s “good friend”. No big-shots died on that day because they were all warned.


There are 33 posts in this thread . We haven’t even discussed UA flight 93 which crashed before it could reach WTC7. Anyone care to comment about what happened?


There were many thousands of tons of molten steel, along with lots of burnable material. That’s why it took so long to cool down. The last fires were put out in December 2001.


Nice post. Thanks for the effort.


Sad fact is that nobody cares. Racism is allegedly the new terror. We could expose Mossad for the whole thing now and few would care. Throw a banana at [black person; semi-famous] and it’s revolution time. We must grow. Use memes, pool parties, ea sports leagues, magick cards, bars, backyard bbqs, churches, car pools, anything we can do to expand!


I agree that Flight 93 was supposed to crash into Building 7. The planners were thwarted because the plane was 41 minutes late due to airport congestion, and the confusion caused by all the war games and exercises could not be maintained indefinitely. The plane was most likely shot down and broke up in flight, with debris scattered over several miles.

The best part about the official story is that more than 100 tons of aircraft and contents gets reduced to scrap and ashes, with the crater where it supposedly crashed according to the “Let’s roll” narrative showing barely any trace of a plane crash, and yet a red bandana is ‘found’ after somehow becoming detached from the “hijacker” it was allegedly attached to, in such perfect condition it looks like it has just been bought from a store.


Here’s the UA93 crash site:

Then you have the fact that some of the Israeli Urban Moving Systems “movers” were seen travelling to the Flight 93 crash site on 9/11/01, as consistent with someone having to plant a red bandana to be ‘found’. From the FBI report on the “Dancing Israelis” / “High Fivers”:

“Furthermore, on 09/11/2001, [redacted] of the Pennsylvania State Police detained a yellow Penske box truck upon the request of Newark. [Redacted] inspected the vehicle and determined that the vehicle’s two (2) occupants, [redacted] and [redacted] both identified as Israeli nationals, were on their way to Columbus, OH. When Newark later questioned [redacted] of Urban Moving Systems about the vehicle’s presence in Pennsylvania, he could not offer an explanation. According to the moving company’s [redacted] the two (2) occupants and their vehicle were supposed to complete a moving job in a different part of the country.”

By yet another bizarre ‘coincidence’, the route from Urban Moving’s offices in Weehawken, NJ to Columbus, OH passes within 2 or 3 miles of Shanksville and Indian Lake in PA.

The strangely burnproof, crashproof red bandana is reminiscent of the “hijacker’s” passport that Bernard Kerik said was “discovered” in almost pristine condition amongst the ash and debris in the streets around the burning Towers, after the passport had been soaked in jet fuel and caught up in a fireball. And oddly enough, the mysterious stranger said to have handed in the passport to the police before running away has never been seen nor heard from again.


That’s a shallow depression which is consistent with an airplane part, not a whole plane. The FAA really didn’t investigate this like they should have . Is there any indication of bodies at the air crash ?


And where’s all the wreckage? There should be large pieces laying around but there are none. Did the plane bury itself into the ground?