Jewish 9/11 Attack on America is Still Killing First Responders


Next time I trap a wabbit, then I’ll try making hasenpfeffer served with egg noodles FYI, squirrel tastes same as wild hare. Meat is more harder than rabbits, however stew is agreeable for these types of meat. So they both can be used interchangeably. Squirrels are more plentiful so I eat more squirrels than rabbits. My daughter loves eating them plain- slow cooked in frying pan with cover.
To add about songbirds, last winter I shot a Mourning Dove in my backyard and cooked it in red wine and sprinkled with Italian seasoning


Back when I was a kid, my Oma and I were having breakfast when a dove started eating the bird food she left out for cardinals. We were surprised. Then a hawk swooped down and snatched the dove up. Oma was shocked, I giggled and continued to eat my grapefruit.



So there are body parts all over Pennsylvania ? What happens if someone finds a part?


and it turns out that the buildings werer modified with "insulation "