TheRightStuff.Biz is Crawling With Feds and Deranged Weirdos


Yes, I listened to one of Cantwell’s prison tapes and he sounded very calm. Out of jail, he sounds wound up and is bouncing off the walls.


I would assume that’s because he didn’t have access to his drugs while in jail.


When I look at it from a birds eye view and purely from my outsider standpoint, it seems like divide and conquer. Whatever is left of this thing is just consuming and devouring itself. There are definitely axes to grind behind the scenes that us regular joe don’t know about. Like 2 heavyweights battling for the top spot. Except one isn’t even punching back. Besides all of the evidence provided, why wouldn’t you at least make some shit up to fire back with to buy yourself some time? Why are you just taking headshots thinking you won’t get knocked down?

Very embarrassing on their behalf. Throw a haymaker, bite an ear, do something besides grabbing your ankles. Gay as fuck.


Well, I don’t consider any organization that works with federal informants to be a part of anything I am trying to accomplish.

But what is happening is really quite simple.

They are working with admitted federal informants and are refusing to satisfactorily answer anyone’s questions as to why they are working with such people and including them within their operations. They’ve even been deleting comments from their paid subscribers who have asked about this situation.


I don’t know what to believe except that it is curious that this happened when ADL and YouTube attacked us. Full disclosure: Jay O asked for people listening to Europa Report in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I responded, praising his work on Poz Button. The responce after 3 emails asked if I was a “wammens”. That doesnt fit with his current personality. If he is the world traveling person he clames to be, he should know simple Deutsch(Reichsprinzessin) a female title. My email address is my name here. A full investigation is needed.


They have completely shut down the comments section again.


That basically just proves everything that’s been exposed. There’d be no reason for them to close down their comments section, delete tweets etc… if this was just some sort of weird misunderstanding.


:sunglasses:“Crawling with feds and deranged weirdos”
Perfect headline bro.
Should we address Jason Kessler?


Okay so they did fire back which is a good thing. But I don’t know man. Fatigue will no doubt set in if you follow this drama and you will want to find other content to consume. Not a fan of choose a side shit, never was. In fact, it makes me tune it out completely because it feels like I’m watching my mom’s boring ass '70s soap operas. Don’t be suprised if a new face pops up out of this mess that sucks a large portion of both crowds.


This is not gay drama. We are dealing with legitimate information that people should be aware of.

Any right-wing dissident organization that willfully chooses to associate with and work with feds needs to be called out for doing so.


I don’t have no clue about anything in this thread. But if the allegations above are true, this is definitely TheWrongStuff and should not be supported by sane people.


All you need to know is that has been compromised by feds.

They’re going out of their way to defend an insane person who is either a fed or a crazy liar that they put in charge of security for their real life meetup groups.


lol, yeah, they obfuscated, misdirected, and didn’t address it at all.


@infostormer I suspect that every political movement, no matter how radical, has always worked with the Secret Police in some capacity. It’s just unavoidable, because both sides want to establish contacts inside the enemy’s camp.


There is no excuse to be working with law enforcement when it comes to far right nationalism movements. The fact that you’re coming up with reasons why it might be okay is disgusting.


I’m not justifying working with the Feds, I’m just pointing out how sometimes people make compromises in order to get what they want.


Whatever dude, you’re acting like it’s all normal or there’s some kind of good reason for it. You’re making a statement that it’s basically inevitable, and can even be a worthwhile tactic. Caved-in head shit.


As long as it exists as an “alt-right neo nazi” movement that may be true, but when you weed out the spergers and put forth a legitimate effort to define and appeal to American Nationalism it has a great chance.
Few are satisfied with how things are. They are just being misdirected from the reasons for the problems.

If you enjoy being a part of something super edgy with no chance of winning, continue to be an “alt right neo nazi”


Why do you say it is unavoidable? It is totally avoidable.

There is no justifiable reason for anybody in a legitimate right-wing dissident movement to be working with secret police or federal informants.

People who do that undermine trust and the ability for people to work together in groups.


I don’t think @Spahnranch1969 means welcoming them in with open arms. I assume he means they infiltrate and try to steer the movement.