TheRightStuff.Biz is Crawling With Feds and Deranged Weirdos


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I honestly did not want to have to talk about this, but the situation over at (TRS) has gotten so far out of control that I feel a responsibility to write an article on all the ridiculous shit that’s been going on over there.

Some longtime readers who have followed my stuff here might remember me being highly critical of TRS when Mike Enoch aka Mike Peinovich, one of the main people behind TRS and the site’s flagship podcast “The Daily Shoah”, was exposed as having a Jewish wife. The biggest problem I had with the situation was not necessarily the fact that he had a Jewish wife but the fact that he deliberately deceived his audience about it.

Pictured above is Mike Enoch aka Mike Peinovich a Nazi podcaster who deliberately used clips of his Jewish wife on his Nazi podcast “The Daily Shoah.”

Prior to this information getting exposed, he had his Jewish wife doing goofy audio clips on his show which in retrospect was a deliberate troll he was running on his audience.

Even after he got exposed having a Jewish wife, his follow up response to the situation was highly unsatisfactory. There were even a few clips that circulated where Enoch himself seemed to admit that he was a Jew which caused more debate and controversy.

The whole situation was such a cluster fuck that it led me to believe that the operation couldn’t be trusted and that it was being run by people of low moral character. I publicly stated that I wanted nothing to do with them and had hoped not to have to talk about them again.

Unfortunately, there was not a consensus about this at the time because people felt it was mostly an issue involving Enoch’s personal life. People also found the content hosted on TRS to be entertaining. Their content was honestly never to my liking, but to each their own I guess.

But now there’s all sorts of crazy shit going on with TRS that goes far beyond the personal life of one of the people involved with the operation.

Admitted federal informant Christopher Cantwell and friend of TRS.

The first of which is that TRS has willfully chosen to associate themselves with Christopher Cantwell. This is someone who has publicly admitted to being a federal informant. Hilariously, the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center did a whole article about it. He basically seems to have become the new Hal Turner.

Cantwell also wrote an article on his blog site (that’s still up live) where he states that his attorney on his behalf was working with the FBI because he claimed that working with the FBI would help send leftists to prison.

Here’s a direct quote:

My attorney has already spoken with the FBI on my behalf, and we are soon to meet. I recently discovered that they were reading my emails when they followed up on a lead that could have come from no other source. While the authorities in Charlottesville and Albemarle have given license to masked thugs and terrorists to wage war on the streets, the FBI seems more interested in stopping the violence, which necessarily means leftists going to prison.

And here’s an archive of that post in case it ever gets deleted.

On top of that, Cantwell publicly stated on Gab that he reported two people to the FBI for allegedly defacing his website.

He also helped dox Ricky Vaughn to the Huffington Post. His name was even referenced in the article that Luke O’Brien wrote on Vaughn’s dox as having provided materials that helped expose Vaughn’s real identity.

Shortly after Charlottesville, many of us including myself were sympathetic to Cantwell because he was put in jail for all sorts of bullshit reasons. We were willing to disregard his many shortcomings (of which there are many). And at the time, there was no proof that he was an informant or any concrete reason to believe that he would eventually become an informant.

But when anybody admits to working with the feds and is publicly doxing people, such a person becomes impossible to trust and needs to be treated as a cancer. This is basic common sense and should not require any further explanation to someone with any level of intelligence.

The fact that TRS has willfully chosen to associate themselves with Cantwell despite all of this chicanery being public knowledge is unforgivable.

If you want more details about Cantwell’s relationship with TRS, Anglin’s article over at the Daily Stormer fills in the gaps that I do not have the time nor the interest to go into.

Anglin also wrote a follow up article that gets into how Cantwell reported a person in our circles to the FBI and child protective services in order to try and get his children taken away from him. It also gets into a bunch of other crazy shit that’s been going on over there.

But as bad as TRS’s association with Cantwell has been, more news about another person involved with TRS just came out and it is not good.

Jayoh De La Rey otherwise known as Jim Object and head of TRS meetup group security has an interesting past.

In case you are unaware, TRS in addition to hosting podcasts, also has real life meetup groups. The person in charge of security for these groups is someone named Jayoh De La Rey also known as Jim Object.

An old podcast that he appeared on back in 2012 was uncovered and it reveals all sorts of crazy things. In the podcast he says that he was a fugitive from the law because he trafficked heroin, that he was into all sorts of weird BDSM shit and apparently fucked trannies. He also said that he was arrested because of his activities in drug trafficking.

Now granted, this individual has apparently also claimed to have been a mercenary in South Africa who was hired to fight blacks. He has also claimed all sorts of other insanely bizarre shit.

But if he was telling the truth about being arrested for drug trafficking in that podcast, you have to assume that he is working for the feds. How else would he allude those charges and then just so happen to be doing stuff for TRS shortly thereafter?

No matter what you think of this, does this sound like a person you would trust to run security for your real life groups?

Even if you assume that he made up all the shit about being a fugitive who sold drugs and fucked trannies, would that make this person any more trustworthy? No person of good character would want to work with a person who lies about such things.

Worse yet is how these real life TRS groups are apparently compiling people’s real life information. And here we have a person who said that he was previously arrested for trafficking drugs as the individual in charge of securing said information.

Obviously, this is a recipe for disaster.

As this story has broken about them having some type of fed informant and tranny-fucker running their security, there have been all sorts of people reporting that they’ve been deleting comments from their site and refusing to engage in any sort of meaningful dialogue about the situation. And that right there pretty much says it all.

Prior to this news about the drug trafficking, tranny-fucker breaking, Anglin personally reached out to Enoch to try and make sense of some of this and Enoch responded by blocking him. But why not at least engage in some conversation?

I mean, if I was employing someone and people presented me with provable information indicating that this person was an informant for the feds and that they previously admitted to trafficking drugs and fucking trannies, I would immediately want to know more. And if I found out that the information was verifiable, I would fire the person and issue a public statement about the situation.

Clearly, Enoch and the other top people at TRS do not want to have a discussion about this and that is entirely unacceptable. It is not something that can be dismissed as “movement drama” or “infighting” or whatever which I guess is how they’re trying to spin this. Although thus far the people involved with TRS don’t seem to be saying much at all about it.

But when you willfully associate yourselves with informants and people of questionable character while simultaneously compiling data of people who are members of real life groups, this represents a major problem.

I felt that TRS was a dead brand after the Jew wife shit happened, but now there shouldn’t be any dispute. Anybody reading this article should stay far away from TRS. They should be treated like the plague. Same goes for any other right-wing organization or site that chooses to openly work with admitted informants.

The latest edition of The Krypto Report explores this debacle in more detail. It is worth a listen if you want more perspective on this fiasco.


TRS is a trolling operation. Who doesn’t know that by now?
Fed posters galore there with the intentions to set someone up.


For some reason I have never been able to relate to TRS.


Indeed.the whole movement is full of subverters and deceivers just waiting to spring the trap on the next fool who gets his life ruined with the old tried and tested 'look see,told you their all ‘muh nazis’ crap


Cantwell denies doxing people, however last Winter he doxed a fan on his website, displaying a picture of the man’s work truck with the company name clearly printed on the side of it. The man had a flatbed truck with US Mail jeeps loaded on it.

The excuse given for doxing this fan was that he was harassing Cantwell. In fact Cantwell posted a private email from the fan along with that picture of his service truck. In the email this fan states that he was frustrated with Cantwell’s pig stye of an apartment and saw crack pipes and other drug paraphernalia lying around amongst all of the other debris, like fast food wrappers,etc.

After reading that email and seeing the doxing picture everything else started making more sense. Several times Cantwell would send out weird email that sounded like a crazy person sent it. One time he sent his email list a picture of himself naked spread eagle on his bed with the caption “Elle Reeve call me”. I had to bleach my eyes after this. He later claimed that his email had been hacked. I believe those were sent by him under the influence of various narcotics.

Another time on one of his podcasts he admitted to turning in someone to the FBI who had recently contacted him because “they were just really weird”.

I fully expect in the future for Cantwell to do what Jeff Schoep did, which is visit the ADL and SPLC and “disavow” his once held beliefs.


Cantwell is a snitch.


Unlike the American “alt-right” Nordic Resistance has their shit together:


I never was a big fan of Cantwell. He acts like a drug user and his antics at Charlottesville were odd.

JO was a different story. He acted based and his shows were pretty good. I listened to the old show he was on from 2012 and it’s definitely him. If he wasn’t making the stuff up to impress people, there’s no reason to listen to him. Drug dealers piss me off more than snitches.

I’ve always been a little paranoid and don’t trust anyone except immediate family. Things like this make me glad I never gave TRS money.


@RayLuca I’m not a big TRS fan either but you have to admit the alt-right/neon Nazi movement is not going to attract many so-called “normal” people. Only angry misfits like us want to change things, everyone else has too much to lose by speaking up.


I always liked listening to Exodus Americanus. Roscoe is a down to earth, working father with funny stories. They have their own website which is cool because you don’t have to give TRS traffic hits for the material. Now if they would only disassociate with the cool kids at trs because I do not believe that everyone who appears on the site is a fed.


Why is it always Tranny fucking?

I listened to one podcast with that Jayoh guy, you could tell from his voice that he was a faggot not to be trusted.


It’s been my understanding that Cantwell has involved himself in a variety of drug use which certainly helps explain his wildly erratic behavior over the years.


It ultimately doesn’t matter if there are people on TRS who are not feds. They are willfully associating with highly questionable individuals and refusing to answer people’s questions about these associations.

So at this point, I can’t trust anybody associated with them. They literally have someone in charge of their real life security who was on a podcast describing himself as a drug trafficker who was on the run from the feds. And if that wasn’t enough he claims to have been into weird BDSM shit and slept with trannies.

It’s completely insane to have such an individual involved at such a high level within a dissident political organization.


@infostormer Cantwell has also had numerous relationships with colored women.


I remember warning people about Enoch/TRS back in Jan 2017 but was shunned and people defended Enoch.



You’d be surprised which is why I wrote this article. They still have a number of paywall subscribers which in of itself is crazy.

And speaking of which, the fact that they can process payments is weird in of itself. I’ve been banned from every payment processor known to man for years, yet these guys have no issue processing payments.

I also just saw that some of them are openly operating on Twitter with no issues despite the fact that Twitter has banned the accounts of much more moderate right-wingers.


Yes - I remember your videos on it and I posted them here back then.

The whole Jew wife debacle should have been it for TRS IMO but unfortunately it took associations with federal informants and all this new weird shit that’s come out for people to fully realize the problems with these people.


Jazzhands, Halberstram and Ethnarch are obviously DC insiders, but I wonder in what capacity? And why haven’t they been kicked off of the twitters?


I wasn’t aware of that, but it wouldn’t surprise me. This is someone who has done all sorts of weird shit.

From what I understand, he streamed video of himself masturbating over the internet to some girl he was trying to get with and that girl ended up leaking the video out to the public.

He’s a totally unstable person.