TheRightStuff.Biz is Crawling With Feds and Deranged Weirdos


Well sure, attempted infiltration and the creation of honeypot groups is a given.

But everybody has a choice to not work with feds once a person or a group has been exposed as engaging in such activities.


IMO, the most significant part of the podcast is where he tells the (obviously made-up) story about how he was able to flee the country with the help of radical anarchists he barely knew off of faceberg. To me, that sounded like an invitation: “if you’re on the run from the feds, contact me and I’ll help you escape.”

The first thing that came to mind was this old clip of the admitted FBI informant Hal Turner after Yankee Jim’s murder/suicide, with the same implication.

I just wish Jim would have called one of us, saying “look, I just killed my wife, I’m gonna off myself”, and given any of us a chance to talk him out of it, so that we could have salvaged him. We could have put him on the lam. We could have hid him out for years, the cops never woulda found him. We could have done away with the body and Jim coulda just said “well, she’s had a boyfriend, maybe she ran off with him?”


This was where I listened to them.


The only way this thing of ours is going to work is through trust, honesty, and hard work. TDS and Daily Stormer give me the giggles and work as a gateway to our cause but that’s all they are. Too many Propigandists, not enough Fieldmarshals.


Accusing someone of treason is very serious. I stand behind my previous comment demanding a full investigation and if needed a trial in OUR court. Anyone found guilty of working against us needs to take a long walk without shoes.


If you want to estrablish contact with the enemies camp, you make believe you are one of them. You do not become a federal informant. You are not going to win in a fight with an organization that out guns, out mans, has far more resources than you will ever have, etc, etc. To think that ratting out your fellow WN is going to benefit our position is idiotic, at best. I can only imagine you’re just here having a goof, because you can’t be that stupid.

The only angle I see by ‘contact with the enemy camp’ would be to join the military to get training, and then drop out. Because you’re not going to change the system, within the system.