Sportsball sucks. My (((White)))Sox suck, yet again. Best of luck Dodgers. Bayern München looks like an imigrant unemployment line. Fuck dortmund for banning AfD supporters. My Chicago Fire are a nothing. Please God give my Red Wings strength. Have bread, need circuses.
Our people wake up and tear down the tent and end clown world. This modern world is so tiresome.


You’re tough girl. Don’t give in to the depression they want us ALL to suffer. Sportsball is owned by the Jews completely and the game fixing done by them in Las Vegas by a certain person a won’t mention here. They’re even bragging about their ownership.
Stop paying $$$ to a Jew owner.


No ghettoball for me, thank you very much.


The (((you know whos))) run the whole damn thing! I just wish I could embrace athletes for a moment without politics. I played inline hockey and soccer. Soccer is turning into making White Girls into lesbians. My team was full of Mexicans. Hated my white ass. I had one thing to say, “my Deutsche uniform has World Cup championship stars, where are your’s?” I got harrassment going to a soccer shop for being White. I love the beautiful game but political influence is ruining it. Fire Forever, Viva Viva FC Bayern.


Think about what sports is really designed for you to do or produce…which is anger and depression and negative energy.
The chances are that “your team” will not win, leaving you feeling badly and secreting these negative emotions that some demonic yid seems to be able to harness and store for later consumption.
I wouldn’t take this idea off the table…
These monstrous jews aren’t humans


Hockey and soccer, sometimes baseball.


Gen Xer take: if it wasn’t for sports and the community surrounding it, I would have been a lesser person.


It’s organization warfare. Hense forth why handegg err football is in every high school. I take pride in the fact that I played for club teams and not for my school.


One of my teams name got “Cyclones” denied by league (((officials))). If I ever get back on coaching, we will be the Cyclone Bees!


Daniel Frahn and Clemens Tonnies did nothing wrong! An eight-year old boy gets culturally enriched at Frankfurt Station, but move on folks - nothing to see here! However, Clemens makes a truthful comment about Africans and Daniel Frahn watches a game with his right-wing pals, and all hell breaks loose!


Back in my school days I remember my boomer step dad’s take: “boy I was on starting squad all 4 years, which means you can make the team, you little bitch.”

Well asswipe, your coach wasn’t a nigger that preferred to see his own kind on the field. You didn’t compete versus 30 apes that have running and jumping built into their genetic makeup from their tree swinging years in Africa. Things were different in the 1960s.

So going forward ladies and gents, we have to make sure we don’t say the same retarded bullshit to our children; or else they are liable to grow up and take shots at us on a message board.


Baseball used to be a thinking mans game. The nuances have been lost. I sucked at softball , couldn’t hit anything. Within hockey I found my church. Skating is close to flying.


Looked at my hometown’s school’s rosters: soccer is all Hispanic, only won 2 games. Football is similar. Baskets bouncing ball was more successful if you count fouls. Point being, my 2 league championships were all White. Not because we had superpowers but we were united.


We didn’t see it coming.


Imagine that feel when you were the only wetback family cheering on your little Dora amongst a sea of white girl players in the 1980s. The isolation.
Now we drive by these fields full of brown sludge purely as spectators, yearning for days passed. The major difference being their “now it’s your turn whitey” attitude that causes us to white knuckle. It’s as if there is a master plan for the races to be interchangeable parts for a select, chosen few.

Oy vey


Both individual and group competition can have benefits. IMHO doggedly following some team based on proximity is a waste of energy. I did just this for many years and realized how fruitless and empty it truly was. Let us fairly compete with another and better ourselves in the process. image


My youngest daughter played JV soccer one year and was the only white on the team. My son played JV soccer also for one year and was the only white. I can understand why they lost interest.

My son played soccer in grade school and one year some teams form mexico came up to play some local teams. My son said the only words he heard from the mexican teams were ‘pinche, pinche, pinche, fuck you, fuck you!’ He said they were a vile, nasty bunch who also fouled a lot and were never called by the refs.


That is rough, any team is brought down to the strength of its least player. Sorry to hear your children had to deal with that crap, hopefully an opportunity for you to teach them a better way.


I used to be a soccer fan and a supporter of Borussia Dortmund. But i don’t give a fuck anymore since the whole league and even the national team became a big nigger shitshow.
I won’t waste no more time and money to support this. Fußball geht mir nur noch am Arsch vorbei.


I didn’t expect to find the Tönnies case here. How can you know about it? Has it even become a world-wide issue now? … However, Tönnies was absolutely right. But the truth is racist and so he is being hunted down by the lying leftist media.


I saw a bit of DWN (seems as bad as BBC Jews tbh) when I was between jobs recently; hence the reason I know about it. If I remember correctly, it was featured on the same day (if not, definitely the same week) as the little boy murdered at Frankfurt Railway Station. It seems as though shoving unsuspecting victims in front of trains has replaced the white vans of peace … Tönnies’ comment was hilarious, but he spoiled it by apologising. I digress here, but I also saw on DWN that Germany now has to apologise for colonialism. Some garbage about street names ‘honouring’ their colonial past. I wasn’t surprised, but surely Germans have been put on a long enough guilt trip thanks to ‘muh six gorillion.’