Fick Dortmund! They now ban AfD supporters from their matches. Viva Viva FC Bayern. They are less cucked and never suck.


Agree though. Bundesliga is a joke. The whole league is getting browner than a fat FC St. Pauli antifa girl shorts in Juli. I will always remember Brasil 2014. The pinnacle of Deutsche Füßball supremacy! ****


@sturmfuehrer78 Forgive me if I already asked you this, but is the NPD a legit party, or have they been thoroughly infiltrated by ZOG Deutschland?


Not to interupt but watch Fake Hitler dress down NPD in “Er es wieder da” movie. My AntiFa loving cousins point and laugh at them in Hesse. If they are jew-infested, they are jewing wrong. Not even Ossies take them serious enough.


For the record, my Deutsche family and American side are no longer on speaking terms because of Orange Man Bad and me personally because I love Magic Mustache Man.


Dora needs to explore a path back where she came from! We had 2 latina goalkeepers and they were awful. 2 latina defenders who didn’t like to run. MEXICANS SUCK AT SOCCER!


Thanks for the reply madam… To me DW is even worse than BBC. But fortunately you seem to have a healthy mind and so you are immune against the leftist propaganda. This absurd Tönnies case gives a good impression about what’s going on in Germany these days. There are millions of illegal savages prowling around here, ‘enriching’ us with their pervert behaviour, murder, rape and brutal violence every day. And the government along with the mainstream media is responsible for all that shit. So they are always try to cover or to downplay all these problems. But if there is the slightest protest against these conditions or if some statements deviate from the official narrative, the whole propaganda machinery immediately strikes back at full blast and the chorus of outrage and fake morality chokes off everything. The German government and the mainstream media are full of shit. They are a big disgrace and a threat for the entire European continent. If there is something the Germans should apologize for in these days, then it’s these corrupt politicians.


At least the Bundesliga has kept a certain level of independence. The situation in other European leagues is much worse. Some clubs in England and France are owned by super rich arabian oil-apes and jews now. The Spanish clubs are heavily in debt, as they are constantly spending horrendous amounts of money for their players. The entire business has become a decadent shit-show. It should be boycotted by all means.
All football clubs are more or less cucked now. They are infested with political correctness. But no one should think that those clubs give a flying fuck about the sensitivities of their supporters or anyone else. These actions against racism are pure hypocrisy, because racism is bad for their business. So they are banning loyal long-time supporters in favour of becoming more attractive for foreign markets in Far East, Africa or wherever.
You seem to like the FC Bayern München princess. I never liked it, but always respected it. It is a very solid club for the most part. The management did a very good job in the past and they are constantly at the top of the league for almost 50 years now…
And i was not that euphoric about the Championship 2014. Our multi-culti-hipster team had only won it with a lot of luck. And since then they didn’t won any relevant match anymore. They even lost a match against the Polacks, which had never ever happened before in football history. The recent national team consists mainly of tattooed white hipsters, turks, niggers and mulattos. There is almost no one left who real Germans could identify with.
I’m really done with Fußball. Don’t want to see, hear, talk and write about anymore. Only yesterday i was kicked out of a pub cause i was referring about it as ‘Negerball’. I’m still angry about that.


The NPD is a legit political party. It was founded back in the 1960s and had its high time in the late 1990s and in the first decade after the millennium. It was quite succesful then, mainly in the ‘East’. There was the chance to become very big, but constant personal discord, inner quarrels and certain disgusting affairs messed it all up. In that period it was also heavily infested with spies, which additionally caused an atmosphere of constant distrust. In the end it was hard to make out who was a real member and who was a spy.
Meanwhile the NPD is almost dead. It has become so irrelevant that the secret services don’t bother much about it anymore…
Back in the day many leading members left the NPD due to discord about the direction it was going. Along with other prominent people of the right-wing scene they started a new movement, named ‘Der Dritte Weg’ (‘The Third Way’, in English). This party is more relevant now than the NPD and more trustworthy.


I like how Bundesliga will not let corporations run all of the clubs. Adidas can only own 49 percent of FCB and the weirdness of Red Bull’s fail of Dresden. Rassenball or something? Became a Bayern fan because in Deutsche Klasse, they had a whole 2 pages about them and I got FIFA game on Sega Genesis. After becoming racially awoke, sports just don’t matter anymore. Whether I like it or not, my Nationalism will always be tied to fußball.