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What about my service negro?




What would make this REALLY funny would be if the bucket was spinning round and round! :joy::rofl::joy:


Ahhhhhh… I wish I had a time machine…


As the world burns…


Beyond Meat and KFC have partnered to offer the first fast-food plant-based chicken----





@Steve I would look really out of place in that era. Right now I look like one of the guys from The Eagles, circa 1973.




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I agree for the most part…however…we are in a war and maybe its just the information phase that we currently find ourselves in , fighting for the minds of our people…we have to do whatever it takes to survive, even if that means biting my tongue and typing this next sentence for the time being…
Separation is a better modern day message, because we cannot get normies on board with killing people, but most normies would admit that they’d want nothing to do with living in west Baltimore or sending their kids to an inner city skoo filled with oppressed youfs…
First we have to take our peoples minds back from hollywood and the judenpresse.
All in due time, my friend…


I understand exactly what you mean, thank you for that feedback.


i was angry 20 yrs ago when i was first introduced to all of this and now i realize that RaHoWa isn’t for everyone…
Our own people are our worst enemy , and they need to be awakened…
Of course we are running out of time, and soon that won’t be an option if it even is still…
For the most part we need partition and if we have any real rights this will happen soon…but as we all know we have no rights and we will never be free of multiculturalism and talmudic supremacy


Good! More soy feed for the niggers!


Most fast food is already nearly 100% vegetable oils and plants fats or gmo shit thats cooked and or drenched in plant fats.
Plant fats are poison to humans…even EVOO.
Thats why ZOG drs tell u to eat it…
They cant make shekels off us if we are healthy…
Thats why raw milk is illegal in most places.
Aajonus Vonderplanitz once said that its hard to keep a society sick when they access to raw milk and grass fed beef.


Well- non GMO cold pressed oils are just fine not the chemically extracted oils from GMO products. And yeah I agree about the raw milk and the grass fed beef.


probably correct about EVOO, but who thinks that 4$ oil in a plastic bottle is “healthy”
Healthy olive oil is super expensive.
I find that i can trim down to about 10% body fat when i skip evoo and use butter, lard and animal fats.
Our bodies recognize and break down animal fats so its a myth that moderate* intake of cholesterol harms us…our brain is 40% cholesterol and our cells are made of cholesterol.
Sugar and GMO grains are what makes people sick.
Grains break down into sugars and overeating them is horrible.
Oxalates , goitrogens , phytic acid and other harmful anti-nutrients in many common things are something our people should become aware of.
Imagine white vegans that think eating pineapples , oranges and mangoes is a natural diet for European people…lol
I’ve managed to remain very active and muscular with a fairly high testosterone level for being 41 yrs old.
I attribute this to my diet of 85-90% animal products.
It is now illegal in Italy and Belgium to force children to eat a vegan diet.

Most people are slaves to authority and the state ran systems and data


Yeah my dad is 74 and have zero prescriptions, and his physical doctor keeps on pushing him to take cholesterol medications even his level are just slightly higher than the “recommended” levels. He knows that taking it can contribute to brain decay.


Good for him!
Statins are destructive to your immune system, gut flora and your brain.
Doctors are crooks and puppets of the drug companies.
They are worse than lawyers in today’s world imo…
Doctors oddly in todays world know nothing about nutrition , mental health or spirituality.
Its sort of discouraging to go to a doctor in the modern society we live in…they look at a clipboard and avoid eye contact for the most part.
They push you off on techs and nurses when these positions are held by those who are beyond incompetent for the most part in any large city.
The level of personal care is atrocious.
I remember when i was a kid i had the same dr from birth.
My pediatrician was also an obstetrician, which is unheard of in today’s clown world.
Whenever i got sick and my mother would take me to the dr, i would instantly feel better in the waiting room usually.