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Spot on. 20 characters.


Dont forget your shots. 72 different times counting boosters.


“Shocking moment furious Popeyes customer climbs through a drive thru window”

Yeah, how “shocking” that some crack ape went bananas over fried chiggun.
Niggers are very similar to a troop of baboons.
They are very jealous animals and will chimp out if they feel they didn’t get their fair share

Horsenostril niggers already go from prechimping to chimping in 0.0000069 femtoseconds if something like a bird’s chirp or blinking light triggers the chimping receptor in the nigger brainstem.
So, if you don’t do things at a Popeye’s restaurant exactly and as fast a nigger desires it to be done, you are guaranteed a massive and possibly deadly nigger chimpout!
And this video of extreme nigger chimping is a perfect example.

The Popeye’s gorilliss is lucky her jowls weren’t ripped off by that savage, ultrachimping feral mandingo buck pavement ape that surely is rutting.
A second unrelated chimpout between 2 sows breaks out about 1 min into the video…
We are so lucky to have them.


Isn’t the natural order of laws is a wonderful thing to behold eh?


you cant make this shit up


They are Just Like You , white man.
Of course all niggers belong in cages or the jungle, and obviously shouldn’t be allowed to own living creatures or be able to procreate.
Feral snakehead Nigger Jeremy Latimore was arrested for pouring hot water on its pet dog and fracturing the dog’s ribs.

Third worldism: Drug trafficking, economic despair, gang culture, rape and murder is what they offer, and you are racist if you don’t like or want it!

Only white people commit crimes like rape, the jews in hymiewood and on the talmudvision said so

Weaponized niggers are not above raping an elderly woman, sodomizing a young disabled boy, beating and raping a handicap woman in a hospital or any scenario you can fathom.
And this was all in the last 4days.


Yeah sometimes I view Camden, Newark, the Bronx and West Philly as the Yellowstone or the airondacks- but the reverse feeling of the inner-city preserves are a cancer rather than the green wilderness.


Hundreds of shape-shifting Jews exposed for pretending to be White on Twitter

Because of their ability to often pass as White, one of the most effective strategies Jews have of infiltrating and subverting White Christian nations is to take on a White identity and then speak for their “fellow White people.”

This shape-shifting phenomenon has been going on for years on Twitter, and one astute observer has painstakingly cataloged hundreds of examples of Jews pretending to be White while at the same time denigrating Whites for being White, and then switching back to their Jewish identity to shield themselves from any criticism.


It makes you think if jews are such hypocrite and lying people because of genetics, because so much jews coordinated on doing the same subversive thing is definitively weird.


There’s some pattern here, just can’t put my finger on it…



@kroenen I guess all the niggers graduated earlier than everyone else in their class so they could attend MIT and the Sorbonne.:roll_eyes:


…and that is why I have a little something that fits in my hand that evens the playing field. :zap::zap:


If she only had a brain.



Found it at work


Salamander? Lizard? What is it?


Not sure my guess is a Newt.


Be nice to it. Return it to its home.


I didn’t touch it. I only move turtles.