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Best comment: “tfw you’re 90 and sane, but the world has dementia”

WWII Footage in Color (No Sound)
Adolf Hitler / Eva Braun / Eagles Nest / Berchtesgaden


Who is next?






I always wanted a hearse, but it would attract a lot of unwanted attention from the fuzz.


If its any consolation, we’ll probably take a ride in one sooner or later.



Like what are you gonna do when you spend time with your daughter, white man, NOT rape young underaged girls in hotel rooms?

Feral ape steals SUV with infant inside

Typical negroid on human rape continues all over metro areas of the USSA

AIDS sow ooks and eeks on the social media about infecting bucks wiff HIV

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Cops shoots and kills rapist pedophile porch monkey who stabbed him after it was accused of muh dikk against female of unknown race/species.

Drugged out naked knuckle dragger from Haiti exposes its muh dikk to humans in public.
We need these people in the USA or else racism and reasons.

94 year old human woman assaulted by subhuman nigger rapist after attempting to muh dikk her 64 year old daughter.

(couldn’t find pic/ media goes to great lengths to hide these nigger animals)

Evil niggers set pet dog on fire. All niggers should be banned from owning pets.

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Deviant negro sex perverts throw future felon in dumpster after lighting it on fire and torturing it for days before it died, black privilege with “manslaughter” charges ensue.

Nigger ape urinates in ice machine in a typical display of TNB

Evil black murderer kills women and children but escapes media spotlight

Racist, oppressive whitey JuJu magic such as DNA science or facial recognition programs commits white supremacy against noble beaner rapists.

Jews push faggotry nonstop on American institutes and now lawsuits prevail as 100s of young molested victims of homosexual predation come forward.

Drug dealing career criminal ape shoots and kills three homeless people of differing races.
No mention of racism or the actual crime in the enemy jew media.

Evil black demons kidnap woman and her 2 children to use as shields to rob banks.
We need blacks in our society because- reasons and if not you are mean and racist…

Several negroid monsters murder coal burning drug dealing skank.



Comment by Zionist Report 4:

  1. “Teenage Boys”? How do they know they are teenagers if they don’t have their IDs confirmed?

  2. Maybe the Black community in NYC is waking up about who ran the slave trade and who exploits the music business and who exploits low-income housing?

  3. Or, are they paid off to create these “hate crimes”?

  4. “More security” Who is going to pay for that?

  5. Diversity is our Strength. Stop complaining Jewish community of NYC!







Porn Consequences

Jenni Lee, a well known porn star from the mid-2000s, is now homeless and lives in Las Vegas tunnels.


Is that Megan Markle on the left?


G. Edward Griffin on Communist Smear Tactics

In 1943, the following directive was issued from Party headquarters to all communists in the United States. It read:

"When certain obstructionists become too irritating, label them after suitable buildups, as fascist or nazi or anti-semitic, and use the prestige of anti-fascist and tolerance organizations to discredit them. In the public mind constantly associate those who oppose us with those names which already have a bad smell. The association will, after enough repetition, become fact in the public mind.”


IN TIME tells us to reject capitalism and embrace (((communism)))


No…actually the one on the right is meghan markle