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WE CANNOT ALLOW THE JEWS to get away with their suppression of historical facts any longer.

Jews love to see Revisionist Historians thrown in jail for questioning the Jew Holohoax in Germany. But it’s the Jewish censors who should be thrown in jail for denying the Armenian Holocaust!

Armenian massacre



4 Leaders.


French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shared a Kiss when they met


There are consequences for porch door thefts. In this case, quite a hilarious one.:sunglasses:

Or maybe just have this.


100% correct!
When we dig, these luciferian kikes are behind nearly every form of human suffering, human rights violations and wars for no reason other than their totalitarian communist grasp on the entire world.
Their evil , useless genetics should be wiped out of the human gene pool.


I believe @steve first posted this a couple months ago.
Sieg Heil!



Lets hope one day that will be the united states…seriously doubtful…
As @Spahnranch1969 has mentioned previously, democracies usually only last 300-400 yrs , for various reason, the most common denominator being aristocratic members of society always sell out to the eternal jew, who then destroys from within like a virus.
Shame on organized (((christianity))) for not once in 247 years of the Jew-s-A’s history mentioning the 1000s of year old conflict Christians of all racial make-ups have had with Der ewige Jude.


Don’t get me started about the most jewed out Christians that exist, the evil Catholic Jesuits , who are indeed zionist satanists.
The Vatican is a front for the house of Rothschilds military , banking , and pseudo science industrial complexes.
They are the enemy of the world , just like zionist isRaHell.




oy vey, how Christian of the (((pope))) to wear a yarmulke , like a jew faggot baby rapist


Indeed, they are and always have been liars and manipulators who don’t belong in this world anymore.
They don’t deserve jails, they should be turned into ashes…

As its been pointed out , there are NO good jews because they ALL benefit from the destruction of the west and the globalization of the world that cohencidentally is a program for white genocide as well.
We should NEVER permit their genetics to EVER have a chance to reach their current numbers again.
They should be dealt with the same way the plague is, just a memory only to be read about in books one day soon.





The problem is more than what you say. It’s a matter of loyalty. I live in one of the most infested parts of the country. There’s no avoiding jews here. It wasn’t always like this, but that’s a whole other story.

I have a neighbor who I found out was a jew who had converted to Christianity. I didn’t talk to him much, because he’s tattooed up, and has a Filipino wife, and they told me they were doing mission work in some African country, I can’t remember which one at the moment. Anyway, he saw me on the street one day, and I don’t remember how it came up, but I asked him, “remember when you used to be jewish?” And there was going to be more to the question, but he interrupted me and said, “I’m still jewish.” I never finished my question.

You see, even though this guy was a born again Christian, and doing missionary work in some hell hole nigger country, trying to convert savages or whatever, his loyalty was still to the jews.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate loyalty. I give mine to the White Race, and expect my brothers to do so as well. I don’t have a problem with other races being loyal to their own, but we have to remember that jews will never be on our side. They view us as competition, and as a danger to them. We can never trust them, and should find a humane way to eliminate them from White society.


I am not sure how much “worse” we need to actually “prove” jews to be before we hate them and want them all dead , but i understand what you mean.
I don’t want genocide against other people , they just need to get the fuck out of our nations…NOW.
And we must remember that faggots, niggers, social justice race traitors, spics of all types, and other brown mud people are all symptoms of the jewish disease.
What besides an evil force or entity could have aided them all these centuries for millennia?

So many of our people have been pacified , conned and stupefied by their evil propaganda…


I know about south fla, the place is jew central ,especially where i am currently in Palm beach county.
Thank Christ i leave here tomorrow and head back home to Logan , Utah.
There are more jews in the PB, broward and miami dade area than any other place in the USSA next to JYC.
Is it any wonder why its a multicultural shithole filled with drugs, faggots, slutty useless women , wiggers, gangs and every form of human degeneracy known to man?

Are these kikes even humans?


Neo has a pretty cool channel





Latarius Smith


dj 6 gasillion


Have to happen again