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German greetings to the 3 advent

Enjoy December Holidays with your white family.


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I live in California and the things I witness everyday sickens me. I know this has been going on for a long, long time. Mexican kids crossing the border everyday to go to California schools. Thousands and thousands of them. Their parents don’t pay taxes, we do, and yet it happens every day. We provide and pay for school buses to pick them up and take them back to Mexshitco. Our school system is a complete((( travesty))) .


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(((turks))), goyim


Let’s not forget about the Armenian genocide of 1915, wherein mostly women, children and the elderly were marched into the desert until they died of exposure.
Two million Armenian Christians slaughtered within four months.
This heinous act was carried out by the Turkish CUP aka The Young Turks.
They were in fact Dönmeh Jews, the hidden Jews from the same merchant jewish stock as the House of Saud.
This was all part of the machinations, which ultimately included the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, that paved the way for the creation of the promised Zionist state of Israel.
How anyone can think these “people” were chosen by “God” is beyond my comprehension.
They are the children of the devil.





This is an important part of modern history that has not been covered very well - and with good reason! From what I understand Turkish Donmeh jews mass-murdered hundreds of thousands of Armenians AND Greeks in WWI, both of whom were Christians. A group known as the the Young Turks (jew terrorists) seized control of the dying Empire from the Sultan in 1908, most likely with the objective of turning Ottoman-ruled Palestine into a Zionist state. And apparently they also used their control to exact “revenge” on Christians living in the Empire.