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Ah, I see he’s a man of culture as well.

Like most foods in communist countries, it’s extremely rare.


U.S.A. 2019

image That nose speaks for itself. Look how happy he is


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This time were’re not using wooden doors.


You could have replaced the bottom 2 with niggers…





The cartoon was from a satirical German-language magazine called Kladderadatsch(onomatopoeic for “Crash”) first published in Berlin on 7 May 1848, and appearing “daily, except for weekdays”. It was founded by Albert Hofmann and David Kalisch, the latter the son of a Jewish merchant and the author of several works of comedy.

Originally, the Kladderadatsch was a liberal magazine (of course being founded by merchants) but grew more conservative over the years. During the Bismarck era, the journal supported the Chancellor’s policies; during the Weimar era, its stance was German-nationalist. After the 1923 takeover by the industrialist Hugo Stinnes, the magazine’s contents became increasingly right-wing and showed some sympathy with Hitler and National socialism.




Shower time at the Poland Express.





Looks Guilty to me !