Dailystormer BBS


Is it down? I’ve been refreshing every 30 minutes for last 12 hours or so and nothing.


I can get the .name site but both onion sites are down for me.


I don’t think our boy Anglin knows because he’s been posting articles


I’m on both the DS main page and the BBS, & they both work fine for me. I’m using Tor, of course.


That’s weird. Kind of defies explanation and I’m not that tech-savvy.


My advice (& I’m a novice at this), but my advice would be to log out, wait 5 minutes, & then try again.


Yeah I have tried everything. Resetting router, phone Tor, all different shit because I thought it was on my end but nothing’s fixing it


I can’t even log in because the page just times-out every time.


What tor link are you using?


Yeah, sorry.


For the BBS:

For the DS main page:

Sorry I’m so slow.


RIP. Those are the ones I’m using. Are there any threads about it not working for some? It would clue Anglin in.


I’ll check.


Btw was it you I saw on a recent bbs thread saying you’d donated some BTC to Stormer?


Nah, that wouldn’t have been me.


Well there was a thread. I read it & this comment was the only one that seemed to have an original thought on the matter.

“I’ll have a day here or there where I can’t access DS or BBS through Tor. Usually its fine the day after. When this happens the Tor browser will try loading DS for 5 min, and come up with nothing. I assume its just chaos involving how Tor functions? Maybe its not guaranteed to work every time?”


RIP. I guess I’ll have to wait in order to vent lmfao


Anyway I donated some and someone else did straight after me. I thought that may have something to do with it but that’s a stretch I guess…


Yeah, it’s weird. I posted a news article about 12 hours ago or less, can’t remember exactly, grabbed a drink then came back to the computer, refreshed then it just stopped working. I thought I was banned or something


Another user just had this to say:

“No, it definitely wasn’t working - I was pasting the bbs link directly for hours for hours and nothing, and then after about 4 hours it came up without warning.”