Dailystormer BBS


Must be the Russians.


It’s back now. Yay…


Yup. Just came online for me too. Anglin must have heard our pleas.


Hello dudes! Just Joined. I should have done this sooner! I can’t get back on the bbs for DS yet again! Yes I know how to use tor, but yet again both .onion sites won’t load.


hey Al…


Whats up Azz! Trying to see if this issue is mobile related, or brave related. Also are you doing a show tonight?


I’m on tor on a laptop. Both sites are working, but maybe a little slow. What is that new banner on the main page?


Neither will load for android thru tor. But dailystormer.name works fine


We got badges over here! Noice!


Lmao. I joined 20 minutes ago and this nigga is already hounding me for DMs.



Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?

This is messing up Macho Man posting.


Just wondering, has weev said anything about the bad .onions yet? This has been going on for a while now. If I see him on Ricochet will ask him and post the response.



Isn’t an end user issue. Tor network is having hiccups right now. It is difficult to troubleshoot this stuff, or even identify when particularly there’s a problem as the hidden service has been up for me and every computer I have access to, but there’s some stuff in the logs that gives me a hint as to what is going on


Interesting. I wonder if it’s a geographical thing or if some people are deliberately sabotaging the network.



It’s always good to see one of my ricochet contacts here.


Nothing but the best for our DS friends!


Sorry bro, I guess i didn’t get a notification for this. I’m gonna be on White Talk Live in an hour.

Maybe a music stream or something after.

10:30 edt, 9:30 cdt


Hey Sabrina



Lol. Hey, Azz. Nice to see you!