Zionist-Nut Mike Pompeo Says US May Invade Venezuela


Originally published at: Zionist-Nut Mike Pompeo Says US May Invade Venezuela | Infostormer.com

The Christian Zionist nut and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did a bunch of interviews on cable news about Venezuela over the past two days. He’s openly saying that the United States might invade. All because Venezuela’s leader Nicolas Maduro is allied with Cuba and Russia and some other bullshit nonsense about freedom and democracy.

He even falsely claimed that the fake CIA appointed Venezuelan leader Juan Guaido was duly elected. This guy is so full of shit its ridiculous. He’s promoting an invasion of a country because of democracy so a guy who wasn’t elected can become the nation’s leader.

But honestly, Pompeo looked somewhat dejected in these interviews. All of these dirty tricks that have been used against Maduro have failed and he has not been forced out of power.

Obviously an invasion of Venezuela would be insane. It would result in a situation similar to what you saw when Barack Obama ordered the invasion of Libya. The number of refugees would explode and you’d have them trying to come north either by boat or by land. The only saving grace is that it’s a fairly difficult journey to get from Venezuela by boat or by land.

Unfortunately, I’d say there’s a 60/40 chance in favor of seeing a military invasion of Venezuela. They’re really hyping this thing.


I think that this will be a long drawn out deal. Maduro was elected by the people and the military support him. Then you have Obama’s lookalike who is not supported by the people or the military. Then you have reports of Russians bringing nukes to Venezuela. This is a waiting for a spark to start ww3. We need to leave them the hell alone.


Pompeo is a bonafide, 9/11, mass-murderer psychopath which is why The Orange Goon brought him into his administration. this is what Trump needed to get Mueller off his back things aren’t working out as well as planned though. Congress is still on the impeachment warpat. “the redactions” are incriminating and they KNOW IT.

MAGA is now totally on the back burner because Maduro had the NERVE to trade oil in non-jew-dollars which led to ‘sanctions’ by the corrupted Orange Goon. Russia and China saw an opening to get a foothold in S. America and took it because CIA goons are surrounding Russia and China with hostile puppet regime pawns. Putin thwarted US/NATO evil in The Ukraine and Mid-East and this doesn’t sit well at all with psycho-boy, Pompeo who now controls Trump.


It would be great to see this disgusting fat chunk of shit on trial facing a death penalty.


it’s really incredible that 9/11 is an open-secret in congress. no one has the COURAGE to say anything except for Omar and she got no support what-so-ever.


I really want to go to Trump rallies and hold up a sign that says ‘FAKE WAR’ (or FAKE WARS). I know stupid veterans will get angry with me and call me names but I am sick and tired of the US’ fake empire where citizens get zero benefits from it.

If the US wants to be an empire, why not share the booty with actual citizens? We are the ones paying for it!

The kikes will cry ‘antisemitism’ no matter what they say. Case in point: Christopher Bollyn.