Why You Should NOT Join The Military



this guy is lucky to have his legs. people are such slow learners. the last just war that the USA fought was THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR. and recently we watched THE JACKASS, Tillman ‘rush-in’ to fight ‘the terrorists’ when in fact, those who were giving him orders were the REAL 9/11 terrorists. then The Army was caught in numerous lies about his death. after that you’d think that EVERYONE would ‘just say NO’ to the filthy, lying recruiters. i don’t get it… but the main reason fools were signing-up to be goyim cannon fodder is because there were no jobs here in America and (((they))) were intentionally making it worse with open borders and keeping our economy stagnant. now that Trump is bringing jobs back, the evil military is having a hard time getting new recruits. one of their mantras to make grunts re-inlist was “NO JOBS BACK HOME”. it will be interesting to see how this plays out.


As a White, you should not join the military because your job will be to protect Jews and Israel 9,000 miles from your home - while being treated like shit in your own country.