White Misfits & Body Mods


WTF is wrong with this kid?! the interviewers are talking to him like this is just a little bit weird. "oh, let me feel… NO, the kid is fucking insane and needs to be institutionalized. … he was fortunate enough to be born with a nice face but then he fucks it up but he doesn’t stop there. why would any normal person turn themselves into a goddamned freak? he’s on a par with these creatures.


Tattoos are degenerate and unhealthy, both physically and mentally.



Yes and you can get hepatitis.


I can’t stand tattoos. I cannot stand how popular and ‘normal’ these have become. Literally anyone in any job now has them. I don’t see why the employers hire these degenerates. I find it unacceptable.


Not only that.
The Israhell trained law enforcement of the US considers them “identifying evidence” and will document what tats you have and where.