Venezuela moved their oil company Euro branch to Moscow to avoid looting by ZOG!


On RT now. They moved it to avoid capture by ZOG pirates.


oh, how this must upset The Fed Jews. with the help of Moscow, Maduro is digging-in and fighting. good for him!.. now, Putin MUST install a nuke military base in Venezuela ASAP.

it’s incredible that this is happening given that we all supported, Trump to stop this madness.


aye its just hilarry clitton under th mask, and bouffaunted wig !


More of backstabbing of the zog feds, the better. Personally I never keep more than 5,000 in a bank account. Savings is precious metals in a safe along with guns- suggest you all do the same


ye’l get 5 years up ye’r bumbum in this country if ye own a hand gun, ye’r no allowed to defend yerself here, ever since a faggot shot up a scool, killed lots of teeny kids…


Sounds like a wise move.


aye, now only the gangster thugs have guns…


Venezuela is a founding member of OPEC. I wonder what would happen if they started to lobby the organization to ditch the US Dollar and only accept payments in Rubles. It wouldn’t happen because few countries have that much money in Rubles; but the mere fact of talking about it could have some political repercussions.