UK: Brexit Process Has Become a Total Cluster Fuck


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The insanity happening in the United Kingdom with Brexit is proving that democracy is a total and complete sham. The people voted to leave the European Union years ago and it still has not been executed. In fact, it might not get executed at all.

British Prime Minister Theresa May put together a Brexit proposal that wasn’t even Brexit and this has thrown the entire process into a crisis.

We are now at the point where the House of Commons has its speaker unilaterally changing rules on Brexit related votes.

At this point, I’m not even sure what the hell is going on. The process has become so confusing that I don’t even care to know. If you want details, check out Nigel Farage’s most recent show.

What I will say is that it appears as if the best situation for the UK would be for it to leave the European Union with no deal. Just leave the EU and figure out the details later. Of course, the establishment political figures seem to be against this approach. So that in of itself indicates that this is the most practical solution. Will that happen? Probably not. They’ll find some weasel way to prevent this from happening while falsely claiming how great democracy is.


Ministers have told Treason May what she should do to force Brexit through. Go for the “nuclear option” by calling a general election for April 4. Parliament would be dissolved for 17 working days for the election campaign, so that traitorous Remainer MPs would be unable to stop the UK from leaving Europe on March 29. And if ministers threatened to quit in protest, then tell them, “Bye bye.”

However, given that Treason is a Remainer anxious to serve her globalist jew masters, she is likely to keep doing all she can to thwart Brexit. Such as her latest attempts to drum up Labour support for her Brexit In Name Only deal, by promising to keep EU rules under the guise of safeguarding workers’ rights and environmental standards.

If the government fails to respect the result of the June 2016 referendum, in which 17.4 million voted to leave the EU, the yellow vest disruption seen so far will look like a tea party.


I think that most Brits could also protest about taxation without representation. Who does Parliament actually represent? Maybe the Colonial parallels could be developed using even the idea of a “Bill of Rights”.


This Brexit mess is not what the people voted for but it’s what they get. A father in his 50s was stabbed to death by a mooonkey on a train. It took over 48 hours to release a picture of the mooonkey and it’s going to claim the old mental illness excuse.


i couldn’t even listen to that Farage video.

The EU is a templet for the “global warming” loonies who are desperate to override US hegemony with international laws. Brexit threatens the entire Globalist agenda.


the pos police should be on the side of the protesters.