U.S. Senate Increases Pressure on Poland Over Confiscated Jewish Property


“Poland is the only country in the EU that has not passed such law, the letter, signed by almost 90 percent of the Senate, charges”

"Eric Gallagher, the Washington representative of the World Jewish Restoration Organization, praised the senators who signed the letter and said it “demonstrates once again that the United States Congress has not forgotten about Holocaust survivors and remains steadfast in pursuing justice for them.”


This just makes me want to throw up.


This is too hypocritical in many ways


Apparently, America’s mission is to spread Islamic terrorism, jewish supremacy and homosexuality around the world, preferably by force.


Can someone explain to me how the average normie-fag is not disgusted by the overt avarice and vindictiveness of the Jew, as demonstrated by the unbridled greed and rapaciousness of the 60-Gazillion lampshade-survivors?

It’s been like 70 years since they were masturbated to death, thrown into bear and eagle cages, and forced to mow concentration-camp lawns with their teeth…

And here they are in the current-year, still rubbing their grubby little hands together while rattling a tin-cup to the whole world.

It’s impossible to NOT hate these loathsome, disgusting, rat-like, creatures.


The US Senate needs to mind its own business. This is sickening.



@SonOfHeydrich Jews actually thrive on the hatred they engender in humans, they use it to unify their tribe and justify their pathological hatred of us.


It’s true. And we need to return that hatred, a thousand fold, whilst using it to unify and energize OUR people.


This is one of my favorites.


The property was confiscated by these greedy kikes from Germans and Poles, then taken back by the rightful owners under the Hitler government, now these disgusting kikes want their theivings back, it’s repulsive greed, and pure talmudic evil.


Something I just read… source > John McAfee Has Some Questions About This Weekend's Mass Shootings | Zero Hedge