Tucker Carlson Exposes the CIA as a Horrible Failure


Originally published at: Tucker Carlson Exposes the CIA as a Horrible Failure | Infostormer.com

Tucker Carlson did an excellent segment the other night where he exposed the numerous historical failures of the Central Intelligence Agency otherwise known as the CIA.

He specifically described how the Trump-Russia hoax and now this Trump-Ukraine hoax have been intelligence operations to remove Trump from the presidency.

More specifically, it has been a combination of Jewish propaganda and chicanery from the intelligence spooks. But they are all one in the same. The CIA has been involved in infiltrating the media and placing their assets within the media for decades. Just look into Operation Mockingbird or look at random assholes like Phil Mudd who are allowed to ramble on about all sorts of stupid bullshit on CNN.

But overall though, this was an excellent segment from Tucker. There is nobody on mainstream cable news covering material like this. He is literally the most important and relevant figure on cable news today.

Tucker is 100 percent right with his analysis. The CIA is nothing but an organization of dishonest, corrupt and incompetent liars. They’ve done far more harm to our country than good. This is not even debatable. The entire organization should be abolished.


agree except the part about the CIA being a failure. They’re not a failure because they don’t actually work for the American people, they work for (((someone else)))


I don’t agree with Oliver Stone on much but his characterization of the CIA as a “criminal organization” is probably the best way to summarize them.

Absolutely irredeemable pieces of shit that when they are not working for Israel to shit on other countries, work with Israel to shit on their own.


You aren’t wrong. The CIA is definitely not working for the American people, but the American people are stupid and don’t know this which is why Tucker has to present the material this way.