Trump Steps Up Support for Jewish Revolution in Iran

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The Zionist backed protests in Iran are entering its fifth day.

Unfortunately, the President is going full steam ahead with his support for this Jewish color revolution in Iran. He's even pushing the tired Jewish talking points that for years have been used to demonize the Iranian government.

Here are a couple of his recent tweets.

He needs to reconsider his support for this. The people didn’t elect him President to support Jewish color revolutions in foreign countries. His election was a repudiation of the Neo-Con/Neo-Liberal foreign policy of the past several decades.

We also know that these are not organic protests. This is an organized plot by Zionist intelligence assets to overthrow the Iranian government. It has nothing to do with freedom or democracy. It has everything to do with creating problems for a government opposed to Israel.

10 people are reported dead from the clashes.


Thousands of Iranians have taken to the streets in recent days, with many protesters calling for the removal of Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The government warned on Sunday that protesters would suffer severe consequences if demonstrations continued and 10 protesters were reported killed, according to the Associated Press and Reuters.

“Those who damage public property, violate law and order and create unrest are responsible for their actions and should pay the price,” Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli told Iranian state media, according to Reuters.

In one Associated Press report, “The public discontent has been fanned by messages sent on the Telegram messaging app, which Iranian authorities blocked Sunday along with the photo-sharing app Instagram, which is owned by tech giant Facebook.”

Two protesters were shot in the town of Dorud in Iran’s Lorestan province Saturday night, the government confirmed.

I am skeptical that this Jewish color revolution will succeed, but this has created a dangerous situation. The protests have been going on for several days now. If the protests fail to do the job, the Zionists could try to do the same thing they did in Syria and start a war.

Iran is a geographically large country of 80 million people that is well protected by vast deserts, tall mountains and high plateaus. I don’t see how ZOG could defeat them in a conventional war. At any rate Trump is about to be placed on my Shit List. Once there it is all but impossible to be removed.


The Iranians I know drink, smoke, sin yet still support their Supreme Leader. I don’t see a counter 1979 happening.


Sure, Trump, we here in the US aren’t repressed- the cops just slaughter fathers in hotel hallways with impunitydaniel-shaver-killing-665760


The country is way to homogeneous to be divided by a CIA color revolution, as someone pointed out in another post there is probably something else going on that they don’t want you looking at. Possibly involving the surviving ISIS mercenaries who are currently being shielded by the US in eastern Syria.



Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.