Trump Says Sunday's ICE Raids Were Successful


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Donald Trump said today that Sunday’s ICE raids were successful but just were not reported in the media.

Arizona Republic:

President Donald Trump claimed success in a widely publicized effort to raid and deport undocumented immigrants, saying Monday that planned sweeps targeting undocumented immigrants in several major U.S. cities had been under way several days prior.

“It was a very successful deal,” Trump told reporters at the White House on Monday morning, saying they had taken place on Sunday. “You just didn’t know about it,” he added.

Trump didn’t include any additional details about the highly publicized operations, refusing to say how many people U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers had arrested, or where those operations took place.

His remarks contradicted reports from local elected officials, migrant advocacy and legal groups monitoring for activity in their respective cities. They reported seeing little to no activity over the weekend, except for two failed Saturday raids in New York City.

It’s hard to say what’s going on with this. Trump could be exaggerating the success of the operation but there also could have been arrests. It isn’t like the media can be everywhere.

But just the news of these raids have all these illegal aliens freaked the fuck out and this is a good thing. Hopefully it will encourage them to leave and go back where they came from.


This whole thing just showed the Beaners that there will be no tough “crackdown” on them. If these raids had come as an early morning surprise, were not announced weeks ahead of time and the news showed thousands of them being loaded into buses then the wetbacks might have had the Fear of God put into them.


I think that if one single spic had been deported on Sunday the media would have been full of soggy hankie stories about “family separation”, “being sent back to certain death”, “looking for a better life for his children”, and other bullshit. We would literally know the guy’s name by now. If anybody was deproted it was some illegal who would have been deported anyway, and ICE just claimed that his arrest & deportation were the result of some operation on Sunday that was in reality a complete mirage.


There were no ICE raids because if there were the jews and liberals would be howling over them. But Drimp did manage to make them howl over his “racist” tweets, so at least that’s something.


ICE has its hands full just dealing with MS-13 arrests and deportations. there are an estimated 10,000 MS13 in The USA. this country is doomed. don’t waste your precious time trying to change anything here. we MUST overthrow a nigger shit-hole and start anew.


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