Top Costume Nazi Jeff Schoep Disavows White Supremacy


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Top costume Nazi Jeff Schoep who ran the National Socialist Movement or the NSM from 1994 to 2019 has just come out disavowing White supremacy and extremism. He has a new Twitter account and is featured in an article published by The New York Times where he basically says that the past 25 years of his life were a big mistake.

Schoep "now disavows white supremacist beliefs, and he hopes that he can steer other white supremacists away from the movement.."
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The El Paso Screed, and the Racist Doctrine Behind It

— Jeff Schoep (@SchoepJeff) August 13, 2019

So here we have the longest running wignat costume Nazi group leader totally betraying his one time followers.

He seems to be working with Christian Picciolini an alleged ex-Nazi who has some sort of working relationship with the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center. Picciolini doesn’t even appear to be White but that hasn’t stopped the SPLC from telling everyone that he’s some type of reformed Nazi person.

This wignat costume Nazi stuff has always been retarded. Normal people are not going to join a political movement whose leadership consists of individuals who dress up like a stereotypical Nazi from a Jewish Hollywood movie. These groups have existed primarily to discourage normal White people from getting behind pro-White causes and to make anybody who is pro-White look foolish.

These types of groups have been around for decades and none of them have helped create any sort of real political change. It’s insane that there are people who still believe that these groups represent a solution. They’re an asset of international Jewry more so than anything else.

But hopefully this story about Schoep betraying his followers will serve as a warning to anybody thinking of getting involved with this costume Nazism bullshit. If we are lucky it will end this stupid phenomenon entirely. And besides, most of these costume Nazi groups appear to either be run by feds or infiltrated with feds any way.


He is simply a creature of the jewish propaganda machine, completely without substance.


These people are placed in these organizations so that they can later come out and “oh shit I was wrong, globohomodiversityusuryslavesystem was right all along, don’t hate”


This cocksucking weasel has betrayed his race and is a traitor to his brothers and all of his grandparents and great-grandparents before him. Jeff Schoep is no longer a member of the White race. He is sucking Jewish cock at the SPLC and is therefore by default - a Jew. This coward is probably having his wife fuck niggers while she calls him a sissy boy and he gets off on it.


I have been suspicious of that Schoep character for a long time. Derek Black is another douche-bag I never liked. There aren’t many figures in the White Right whom I trust. Mr. Stormer, Terrible Tom Metzger, Commandant Linder, HW, Doctor Hill and Pontifex Maximus Matt Hale - that’s pretty much it.


Never trusted NSM. Creating a cartoon image of our cause. Before I took the oath of the 14 Words, I told a liberal “don’t be afraid of kkk or neo-nazis, be afraid of the ones who are stealth and articulate.” Jeff betrayed the 14 Words. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I can’t fully trust anyone in this movement. Our people should be sceptical of everything. History has shown infiltrators are everywhere. I will give you a high-dose White/Red pill. Uncle Adolf started off as a government spy.


Mooo, cattle, moooooo.


I’ve chosen my side and it isn’t the side giving menopause inducing drugs to 10 year old girls that some diseased doctor and Munchausen by proxy parents have decided are really little boys. They give the little girls these drugs to prevent puberty’s development - no period, no breast growth, etc.

I don’t think violence gets us what we want and I encourage you to sit at home sexing your old lady as many times as it takes to make 12 babies and to not wreck your existence by doing a Walmart or synagogue event, but I don’t care if events in Walmarts or a Pittsburgh temple occur. It’'s all better than what’s on the side this cuntfuck renounced his people for.

We all see things/events/people in/on our side we don’t like. Dr Pierce even talked about excluding certain types of white nationalists, but outside of flat-earthers, child-molesters, and other degenerative failures best suitable for euthanasia programs, I can’t understand how someone who sees what we see walks away.

Even with the at times uncomfortable aspects, like “I know a lot of blacks, most are good, so dragging that guy behind a truck isn’t a win one for the Gipper moment.” or “Yea, I don’t really want to see a woman hurt, screaming for help, and then getting her dome exploded.” Normal human emotion is to not want that. Yet does it matter if most blacks are okay people when the ones who aren’t are kidnapping 10 year old boys and using blowtorches to murder them? Is it still okay when some 500,000 white women have been raped by blacks in the last few decades? Is it still okay when the horrific damage done by the group greatly outweighs all the positives of the group by multiples of tens or thirties? The answer of course is no.

We were never, never asked if this is how we wanted our country to go. Blowback, good and bad, has come from this forced alteration of our Republic’s fabric; more blowback will come, some good, some bad. No matter the bad from our side, it hasn’t got shit on what those who hates us will deliver to us if they win - and they’re going to win.

Do not forget that these people want you broke, dead, your kids raped and brainwashed, and they
think it’s funny. _ SH

Understanding that, when I rewatch Tarrant’s video and that lady is screaming and calling for help, and Tarrant finishers her off, I understand the truth not to be that Tarrant did something good but rather the bitch should never have been in New Zealand trying to participate in our replacement.


Nice effort post.


At this point, what can we do mainstream to get good optics? I can see the headlines: racist terrorists attack Flint Michigan by delivering bottled water.


Those costume Nazis are bad for the right movement. Most normal people think all white nationalists are idiots because of those fetishists and their strange behaviour.
SA- and SS-uniforms don’t fit into these decadent days anyway. They are relics of a glorious bygone time.
When those freaks wear these uniforms nowadays it is just embarassing. It is also an insult to our brave ancestors who fought, bled and died in those uniforms. We should wave the swastika-flags with pride, as it is the eternal symbol of our race. But we are unworthy of wearing our ancestors uniforms.