TKR Round Up: A Beatdown On The DarkSide Tonight at 8 EDT, 7 CDT, 5 PDT


Hey fam it’s another TKR Tuesday and you know what that means. It’s time for Beard The Butcher and The Legendary Tony Castle to jump into the TKR Time Machine and bring you a blast from the past. This week we’ll only be taking a short leap backwards to hear our fearless leader, The Mighty Azzmador destroy, demolish, and ridicule any Libertarian ideas positions thrown his way in a debate that happened not long ago. If you didn’t already know, come learn why American Nationalism is the only real solution and as always we hope to be joined by Azzmador himself for a recap of the debate and a Q and A. This is one you don’t want to miss.

hey @BeardTheButcher I noticed the replay on Dlive says its 2 hrs long but when I click to play it, its only 16 minutes? Did it not upload correctly?

DLive is fucking with me. That was the best show we’ve ever done and they fucked me. The stream didn’t stop one time. I’ve tried to get affiliate 3 times as well and they won’t give it to me. Oh well, what can you do right.