THOT World Cup


Our frauen from the Fatherland beat the Commie slave girls from Communist China. Odds were against us since Beijing likes to kidnap girls who can kick a ball at an early age. To bad for the Yellow Menace because they ran into, albeit liberal, a team of females with an actual family. The Whitest team in sports will meet Spain and South Africa next which should require vaccines. Stay tuned, and remember, Deutschland über Alles!


Deutschland sieg!!!


Also, the boys are playing Belarus for European Championship qualification. Quick work.


i saw this the other day…

A little different than the tennis players we are always seeing the espn kikes drooling all over…quite the change from the violent tranny nigger buck Serena williams


This thread is brought to you by White Pill Sport. Yes, it has a blue pilly aftertaste but no black pill hangover. Enjoy what little we have to celebrate!


I don’t follow tennis like I used to but that sport is going back white fast. Love it!