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Many of these leftist shill websites have been propped up with huge sums of money and don’t register any sort of profit. ThinkProgress was one of those sites. It was losing money and they couldn’t find a buyer so it has been forced to shut down.

Thanks to everyone who supported ThinkProgress during its time as a source of independent journalism. Your every visit to our site was a kindness, it meant so much to us. This one goes out to everyone who loved a website that died too young.

— ThinkProgress (@thinkprogress) September 7, 2019

Daily Beast:

ThinkProgress, the influential news site that rose to prominence in the shadow of the Bush administration and helped define progressivism during the Obama years, is shutting down.

The outlet, which served as an editorially independent project of the Democratic Party think tank Center for American Progress (CAP), will stop current operations on Friday and be converted into a site where CAP scholars can post.

Top officials at CAP had been searching for a buyer to take over ThinkProgress, which has run deficits for years, and according to sources there were potentially three serious buyers in the mix recently. But in a statement to staff, Navin Nayak, the executive director of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, said the site was ultimately unable to secure a patron.

“Given that we could find no new publisher, we have no other real option but to fold the ThinkProgress website back into CAP’s broader online presence with a focus on analysis of policy, politics, and news events through the lens of existing CAP and CAP Action staff experts,” said Nayak. “Conversations on how to do so are just beginning, but we will seek to reinvent it as a different platform for progressive change.”

A dozen ThinkProgress employees will be losing their jobs, a CAP aide said, as many who were on staff had already gone to work elsewhere and some were incorporated into the larger CAP infrastructure. Those who are being laid off will be given a severance package that runs through the end of November and health care coverage that lasts through the year, said the CAP aide.

Notice how all these people at ThinkProgress just gave up when the money ran out. It shows that these leftists can’t push their retarded world views unless they have huge sums of money paying people to pump out their bullshit propaganda.

Unlike these leftists who do this for the shekels, I write articles because I view what I’m doing to be important. If it was about the money I would have quit a long time ago since I’ve been banned from every payment processor in existence.

But yeah, I would expect to see other leftist sites like ThinkProgress be forced to shut down over the next few years considering the amount of shekels they require to operate.


Nobody really cares about all that leftist verbosity except those progressive weirdos and social out-casts, and people that want to virtue-signal.

Unlike leftist propaganda, websites like infostormer even if banned everywhere still continue alive because there’s a solid community of people who really care about what’s said.


From their tweet. What the fuck is a ‘kindness’? Is this the kind of writing I can expect from that site? [rhetorical]


These propaganda mills fail for some reason despite all the financial advantages and favoritism they receive.


That name “ThinkProgress” is such a joke.
As if leftists were able to make any think progress, or any progress at all.

Leftists are just hypocrites and leeches.
They must be put in concentration camps to experience some real labor, for the first time in their useless lifes.


Progress nothing! This was a leftest pos site, glad it crashed and burned.


These Jew-left sites are generally forced to hire all sorts of highly untalented people. They need drones incapable of critical thinking to regurgitate propaganda.