The Nice Guy National Socialist Party of America


I was wondering what would a theoretical normie friendly fascist party would look like. What would be the platform? What issues would or would not be addressed? Please write a platform for this theoretical party and do not be explicitly racial(especially on the JQ) because that is far from being normie friendly and also people misinterpret it. I do believe humans are naturally tribal and have tribal interest (the Jews and Africans are of a great example) and this causes conflict but I do NOT hate or wish to harm any group. I just refuse to accept the politically correct view of utopianism and instead recognize human nature which is not much different from other apes.


A good starting place might be health care.

The health care system in the U.S. is broken,and very probably past the point where reform will do anything but make matters worse.

Designing a workable,affordable-for-everyone system would be a good start(“everyone” meaning “everyone who works and pays taxes”)


well can you or others help me write a platform


Well, there can be many pluses with fascism. For example: Instead of the police issuing a driver a ticket, which is usually pretty expensive and doesn’t really change the behavior of the driver, and is easily forgotten…A far better thing would be for the cop to punch the driver in the face, as this would always be remembered and would change the behavior and the best part is there would be no financial loss by paying the fine or losing a day by having to go to traffic court…


no violence buddy. Violence is not the solution


Public shaming is a better route and community service


I disagree. Violence has its rewards. For example, violence was needed against Britain by the Colonial Americans. Even Jesus had to beat the shit out of the Jews - Matthew 21:12


I’m all for the iron hand in the velvet glove.


Always go after the banking system. That’s where the problems start. The society is run on capital, we want it to run on labor. Labor creates capital in a free society. Capital creates labor is a slave society.


Well we can disagree to agree. Violence will only cause gov crackdown. I am against it


Dont forget they smacked you as soon as you were born and hey, you turned out alright, yes?


Well, I don’t want the FBI to arrest me. I made a bad decision(sending threatening emails) and I am trying to move forward. I denounce any illicit activities.


Grow our ranks to 10% of the population and then we can start.


There will never be a 3rd party in USA politics. Not because of a kosher sandwich but because Americans have been bred to chose between 2 power factions. Coke vs Pepsi, McDonald’s vs Burger King. Trump was never a Republican but decided to go there in the same way if you get an expansion sport franchise, go to the weak division. This whole thing is about his ego but I will play along. He is the wall, a weak wall, against the globalist hell tide coming for us.


FYI topic creator is a troll. Don’t mind edgecel he likes to poke his head into our business once and a while. Check out his history. He ain’t shit.


Good call, fellow North Star Stater. This chat group has been growing so it’s only natural to attract our enemies. That’s a White Pill!


Violence in some circumsatances solves things. Perhaps not immediate violence but if the driver has been warned and its their 3rd time, then punch them in their face. The threat of violence is just as good in changing someones behaviour as the actual act. Then word gets out and everyone falls in line - simple


“Nice Guy” National Socialism my tuchas, we need to be fucking ruthless. Get lost, you ZOG troll.



I agree that we need to be ruthless and im saying that violence solves lots of problems. Imagine if people lived knowing exactly how to behave because they know if they don’t its extreme violence.


That flag looks so much better with the nordic suncross