The most dangerous countries in the world for 2020 revealed


No surprise that most of them are in Africa.


No one could have predicted that


A racist might come to the conclusion that the safety of a country has a direct correlation to the melanin levels of the inhabitants.


Hey there, I see that Africa is on top of dangerous country, however I’ve been there and nothing really dangerous was happened to me. In a lot of countries we should think about our safety of our life. I was in different countries and I saw that everything is depends on you and what angle of view do you have. First topic of our thinking when we want to leave is safety of other country. I’ve looked for some topics of travel and travel safe abroad is good site that has a big data base of safety other countries. And what are you thinking?


Just because you weren’t killed and/or raped while in Africa, doesn’t mean a thing. Many other people have had a much different experience in these countries.