The ADL: Born in Blood, part 1


" I’VE SAID IT before and I’ll say it again: Our enemies — the organized Jews who are attempting genocide of our race — are not supermen. Their best minds are no better than our best minds. Most of their genius is for deception and speculation and destruction. When it comes to creation, they are distinctly inferior. And they are sick, perverted, out of control, and morally disgusting at rates that leave even the worst meth-addicted White derelicts far behind.

But they are race-conscious — and they are organized. And that is their great strength. When Jews are dealing with someone, how that someone is treated by them very much depends on whether that person is a fellow Jew or not. (Exactly the sort of race-consciousness that they stridently deny us on a fake “moral” basis.) And Jews are organized, organized, organized — no other racial or ethnic group anywhere has as many commissions, leagues, centers, conferences, committees, unions, alliances, lobbies, memorials, legions — you name it and they’ve got it, plus a thousand more you can’t even think of. They’ve even got a “Conference of Presidents” of “Major Jewish Organizations” — a whole organization consisting of just the presidents of the largest Jewish groups; I kid you not."