Take a real hard look at this photo



Kinda curious that there are no women there: guess they don’t need the women of their own race when they can just rape the ones from where they’re going to.


is the bald guy walking up the aisle a jew?

i sometimes get to the point where every non-white is just dead to me - leftist sell-out SJW whites too. Even the Chinese, who i thought had decent morals to go along with their 107 IQ, i hear they are in on the the theft from the white South Africans now too


Sweet Christ save us from the stench that must fill that plane.

Looks like a planned invasion to me, best part is jews have the locals not only paying for it but believing it is good for them.


Our governments hate us and are actively at war with us in collusion with the jew.


Wait… that photo is rubbish. It’s from the wrong movement of niggers.

This is the REAL issue:


I presume that’s what you were getting at.

Somalians, who cause great disruptions in America and Australia (because they are basically animals) where they were foolishly imported as refugees are being directly flown into Germany for resettlement. My question is how is this news and weren’t they already being flown in?

Of course jews are behind this. It’s all linked to the holohoax.

Niggers will go back and cease to be a problem when we have lampshaded every last berg and their greedy instruments.


We used to have no sympathy towards other subhumans but apparently most of us are becoming subhumans by the subversive Jews and becoming prey for the used to be subhumans.
The Chinese went through the great embarrassing century- and it’s happening to us now.
We need to have that spirit again.