Suicide Rates for Young People Soaring

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What a shocker this is, suicide rates for young people have been increasing substantially.

Suicides among U.S. kids and young adults have been soaring

— Bloomberg (@business) September 11, 2020

I said that this was going to happen when they kept this perpetual economic lockdown in place. Combine that with mask mandates and other insane measures that have been implemented and it is hard to see there being much of a future in this hellish world that’s been created. I mean, what do they have to look forward to? Working as a slave laborer for Amazon?

All the people who played a role in locking down the economy to stop the spread of the flu are responsible for a good chunk of these deaths.

Unfortunately, we can expect suicides to continue considering there appears to be no end to this lockdown in sight. Even after the election, I don’t expect these measures to be fully lifted.


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