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Hey brothers: sorry if I’m sounding so naive and noob but I do not get why Brenton Tarrant and white supremacists are encouraging to subscribe to PewDiePie? He’s not even a white supremacist by a mile. I have watched his videos and sure I find his work entertaining but not in sense of the likes of the daily Stormer or infostormer. Anyone can explain the concept? Much appreciated.


There’s a YT ratings war between PDP and T-series, an Indian record label or something. So PDP is the White guy battling for ratings with some dot head DJ (or DJ’s, plural). I don’t know much about it myself. But the idea was to support the White guy. ‘Subscribe to PewDiePie’ has basically become a meme meaning to support fellow Whites.


I see, then I just subscribed to PewDiePie! 91.6 million white supremacists on his side! wow!


i don’t get it either, and i will never get it. But i’m in my late 30’s now and i’m too old for that kind of shit. i despise all those youtube faggots. No decent man should ever subscribe to PewDiePie or to any other of those hipster fuck-faces. They are all part of “the System”


Oh, but ‘the system’ is full of lolcows that we can laugh at. We should never pass up the opportunity for a good laugh – we need it!

BTW, Have you guys read the reply that Kiwi Farms sent the NZ police when they asked about user information after the Christchurch prank?

For further information regarding the Subscribe to PewDiePie meme, see this link.


OK, you are right in this point. Some good laughs are very important. I’m always open for all kinds of LOLs…
White Nationalists generally have a good sense of humor. That’s what differs us from the Red-Fascists (e.g. Antifa) who are mainly humorless, embittered, hysterical turds…
I did some research about JewDiePie and i have to admit that the video with the “Rabbi-Shekel”-scene is really funny. This special scene is funny as fuck and urged me to a lot of LOLs :slight_smile:


But still i don’t like those JewDiePie’s. Those youtube-hipsters with their useless business are very bad examples for our children


Yeah I don’t even like his content and shit but I just suscribed just to support the concept of the “meme” of supporting our fellows. I won’t even encourage my kids to watch that shit thought.