Stormer Book Club Warns Public That Jew Holocaust is Fake News


Originally published at: Stormer Book Club Warns Public That Jew Holocaust is Fake News |

What a great flier this is. The Stormer Book Club posted these all around the country as part of an effort to educate the public on the retarded Jewish hoax known as the Holocaust. It is indeed fake news.

The Daily Stormer article goes into all the details about this fantastic campaign.

The campaign was reported on by numerous mainstream media outlets. Great job all around!



I recently read a quote by an SS veteran who said that if members of his organization had been given orders to liquidate the jew population of Europe they would have carried out that order with ruthless efficiency and there wouldn’t have been any survivors. Sadly, no such order was ever given.:slightly_frowning_face:


Alas uncle Adolf was kind and compassionate to a fault. Jews always use our goodness against us. He ordered deportations and not executions and I hope we don’t share a similar fate for not killing an enemy and only choosing to deport over killing the enemy.


Too bad Himmler and Heydrich didn’t have more authority over dealing with the jewish problem. Like Savitri Devi observed Hitler was too much Sun and not enough Lightning.