SPLC Suddenly Fires Co-Founder Over "Personnel Issue"



It appears they are under scrutiny and are throwing one of the shysters under the bus.


Hopefully its a portend for these filthy schlomos.


my guess is he was #Metoo.


He does have a problem with sexual allegations from the past.

If he would try this on his step-daughter what other accusations will eventually come out?


Oh yea I remember hearing about him diddling his daughter


The article also mentioned “multiple incidents” of inappropriate sexual behavior, and of course the creep has only grown bolder and more arrogant over time. Looks like they fired him preemptively before he is publicly charged.


Morris Dees, even at 82, was SPLC’s highest-paid employee. Here are some pics of the mansion he bought with his published hate map to genocide white people earnings:



Speaking of poverty, the SPLC was in the news earlier this same week with word that it had amassed over a half-billion dollars in assets, $121 million of which is parked offshore. And this is after a fall in revenue from the previous year.