Spain elections:”Far-right” Vox wins!


Step in the right direction.


Franco was one of the 20th century’s truly great men. When I lived in Spain back in the 80’s it was hard to find people who really disliked him. He was viewed almost the way Americans view George Washington, i.e., as the father of his country. Only Jews & commie scum complained about him. Even leftists admitted that they had more money in the bank & lived better under Franco.


Every good Right Wing dictator is admired by most people, and only hated by those who are truly against them. Right Wing dictators come after the huge mess done by lefty politics fixing everything and preparing the country in a good way for economic and social growth; many pinkos complain about “repression”, yet lefty countries do the same stuff.

Even in South America: people say dictators boosted the economy a lot (by example Marcos Peres Jimenez in Venezuela or Augusto Pinochet in Chile) and the only thing you had to do was not yelling about the government and you could get all you wanted with hard work and persistence.

Francisco Franco was the best thing that happened to Spain after all the “Second Republic” mess, together with José Primo de Rivera father of La Falange Española.


Several years after Pinochet resigned from the presidency there was a presidential election in Chile & some newspaper polled their readers’ voting intentions, and as a joke added Pinochet’s name to the list of candidates. Pinochet got 40% of the vote.