Soros Media Matters Proves Tucker Carlson is Red Pilled on Women


Originally published at: Soros Media Matters Proves Tucker Carlson is Red Pilled on Women |

Media Matters a left-wing organization financed by the Jew George Soros has dug up some old audio clips of Tucker Carlson from an appearance he made on Bubba the Love Sponge’s radio show around ten years ago. He made various politically incorrect comments about women like calling Britney Spears and Paris Hilton “whores.” They seem to think that this will be enough to get Fox News to fire him.

Carlson is not apologizing for the comments he made.

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) March 11, 2019

Media Matters went through the effort of transcribing what was said. And if you go through the transcript, it was mostly Carlson making politically incorrect jokes about women and making truthful statements about specific women. Some of his comments were pretty funny and anybody who is red pilled on women would find little to disagree with.

I’d be very surprised if this is enough to get Carlson fired. It’s known that Bubba the Love Sponge’s radio show was a shock joke type of thing in the same vein as Howard Stern. Making dirty jokes and saying politically incorrect things on the show was just par for the course. If anything this just reveals how humorless and retarded these political leftists are. They literally want to get a man fired for making dirty jokes but all they proved is that Carlson is red pilled on women and even more based on the issue than I originally thought.


I like Tucker even better now. His response was great, and I am of the same opinion with him on the vicious and repulsive Michael Vick.


TC is the only person i can really tolerate on the MSM but he is milquetoast at best…as he praises muh constitution and muh capitalism…its totally fine if they outnumber us and destroy us as long as its “legal”…
Because being wiped out demographically and bankrupted by the current ZOG and its illegal invasions is totally ok as long as its “legal”…
“As long as they come here legally” is capitalism’s justification of White Genocide.


National Socialism in homogeneous societies is the only sane government for any people of any race.


I don’t think FOX News will let it look as if Media Matters is calling the shots as to who gets fired at the network. FOX got rid of Bill O’Reilly and even their founder Roger Ailes because they were deadwood. Tucker is not deadwood to them, but I think Hannity will be soon. Remember when Tucker was a young, bow-tied neoconservative who supported the Bush crime family’s Gulf Wars? He has successfully re-packaged himself since then, and for the better.

I imagine Tucker is quite popular with all the blonde shiksas at FOX and gets tempted by them all the time. Yet he apparently remains faithful to his wife. A man of character and integrity!


No more apologies.