Soros Joins With Evangelical Christians to Promote Invasion of America



Come on vlad, you have a bounty on george the jackass, catch this pos and burn his ass to the ground!!! S T A T!! Do it for the good of the world!


Clearly much of the appeal of Orthodox Christianity for young men in the far right scene is due to the fact that the Western Churches – Protestant & Catholic – have been corrupted to the core. Rebuilding will take time, but we can do this. Deus vult.


Your analysis is spot on! The Catholic Church, Mormon Church, as well as “Conservative” Protestant Churches offer nothing to whites.


The Orthodox Church may have less pozz, but they don’t offer anything extra to Whites. When wignats tried to claim they were Russian Orthodox, the church basically excommunicated them, Hamback specifically.

If Christianity is really your priority, start trying to change the culture in a positive way, then you can have influence in the direction your church.

Orthodoxy is foreign to Americans and is never going to become the big new thing.

If Christianity is truly important to you, be of God, not of a denomination.

God is God. Men run churches.


The weakness I see with Orthodoxy, is that it retains much of the traditions of the old world (something Catholicism used to do in America–pre Vatican II). This is appealing to whites, as America now has a nothing culture. That being said, the leadership of various Orthodox Churches wants nothing to do with those who are Pro-White. Mike Enoch mentioned attending a Serbian Orthodox Church, but walked out after the priest mentioned mission trips to Central America.

One of the most profound statements you ever made, was the remark about a general contractor being in the good graces of his church. This contractor hires Mexicans, and will not employ whites and is heralded by his church. Evangicucks have this bizarre fixation with converting Catholics, and seem to believe they will get extra brownie points. They are borderline retarded and somehow believe they will lift them up by bringing them into the megachurch.


Evangicucks have a bizarre fixation with jews and think that because the “chosen people” meme they are some kind of holy cow that nobody can criticize or say a bad thing about. Funny thing though: some South American Evangelicals (not white people) have gone to the extreme of evangelicalist jew loving, “having a conversion” to that awful “Messianic Judaism” religion meme. Evangelicalism is a very bad joke sometimes.


there’s this nutritionist guy, Ted Broer, who has a podcast that’s carried over on the Rense site. He says he knows a Christian guy who travels from church to church around the country and this guy told him that most of these priests and pastors are sold out on the immigration question - they took money from Soros groups and this guy who travels from church to church said he was also offered money to sell out and start advocating for open borders, amnesty, etc


One of my favorite trolling points IRL with Evangicucks, is to bring up The Tribe’s collective repulsion of Messianic Judaism (aka Jews for Jesus). The “smart” Evangicucks will claim that the issue is “complicated” while the majority of them have no idea how to respond.


This doesn’t surprise me at all. Keep in mind, Obama started paying Catholic Charities to resettle refugees. I seem to recall a funny story about (((Pay Day Loans))) giving various “Reverend Chickenwings” in New Jersey money to give sermons on how (((Pay Day Loans))) helps “Da Cummindee”. I agree with Jay Dyer, in that once Church/State are separate–you essentially have a state church. In the case of the US, it is liberalism.