So I guess we should be nihilists now?



Okay …Okay…I’ll play along with this clown show…

UBI is a scam…
It changes nothing structurally in the economy. Don’t people understand that?
It’s a subsidy for Walmart and the (((Sackler family))) drug industry. it’s an incentive for people to NOT work. It rewards ((((((oligarchs)))))) to raise rents and prices. I could go on and on but this whole charade is a joke.


The problem is that we are entering a world where all sorts of jobs are going to be phased out because of automation, robots, artificial intelligence etc… If there’s no jobs, there will be no ability for people to support themselves and you’ll have a societal collapse. So based on this, exploring UBI was inevitable.

And hell, if the government gives people $1,000 a month, this allows them to do political activism without fear of losing their job etc…The government is already giving all sorts of free shit to niggers and old people so I don’t see why we can’t also get a piece.


The problem there is that there is no guarantee that prices won’t just go up. The government would have to actually control prices for this to work. At that point, if machines are doing all the labour, why not just hand out the products to everyone on-demand anyway?

Landlords love to inflate their property values especially in CA cities where they can find some moron willing to pay $3,000 for a tiny dump of a place all because ‘everyone is an engineer’ or ‘in finance’. When landlords see that all their tenants are getting an extra $1000 per month, they will raise rent prices. Some places including SF have rent control. All that really means is they will make sure you live in a slum-like state until you get out.