Shekels and other coins


I used to know a guy who worked at a gas station. Had a collection of foreign coins. Not one Shekel. I got a Pfennig with the hakenkreus back in 1995 in my change from Best Buy.


I tried to pay my library fine with Pesos just for the giggles. “But I thought Mexicans are equal to us?” Libtard didn’t get the joke.


Remember BEST? department store. Best Products - Wikipedia

For some odd reason your post triggered that. Anyway, I’ve had some big noses and streetshitter cashiers try to pass off my change with foreign coins. I am a noticer. I hand them back with a blank stare waiting for my american coins.


I used to have a German coin it was from the Weimar era.


Happens with me alot with Canadian coins. Had one hajib try to tell me it was the same as USD. The new quarters aren’t helping the distinction between currency.


Oh! These sneaky moslem-canadian bastards! Sure I do sometimes get Canadian pennies in the change… though it don’t happen often like the northern border states- while I vacation in new England- it happens pretty much almost daily basis. Let’s declare war to treasury of Canada, Justin Trudeau and their Moslem and street shitter pets for dumping their lower value coins in our country!


Which Weimar era, pre Uncle Adolf or the current year?


Right before your uncle tried to save his kinsman.


Wow, most of those got meltdown. Deutschmark coins from 1955 are super common. 10 years ago my mom sent me 3 stamps framed from the 3rd Reich for my birthday. They weren’t the famous ones with Uncle Adolf. They just had the pinwheel of awesomeness. This pissed of guests to my home to no end.Had a game room back then for things like fooseball and boardgames. Called it the Deutsche zimmer. Needless to say, there was a home field intimidation factor.


@Reichprinzessin. I always enjoy your posts madame, even if they are a bit…how shall I say this, cryptic at times? But then again perhaps that is what makes them so delightful, yes?



My humour is like a fine Rheinish wine. To most it tastes weird and bitter but after a few glasses you get the sweet after notes. Very impressed you noticed my “cryptic” edge. I do post some things to throw the scent off on my location and activities. I have seen the enemy and they are weak and scared. Baldwin Sharknose 317 Koenigsberg potatoe.


Don’t be scared we will all be DOXED one day and then (((they))) will realize we are EVERYWHERE.