Self Loathing Liberal Mayor Bans White Protests


as we already know, Poland is going to be the last refuge of The White Race. i tell ya, you get a Polock mad and WATCH OUT, he will hand you your ass on a platter… and mad they are.

they aren’t worried about political correctness and during their anit-immigration protests declare Poland A WHITE COUNTRY. they don’t want the savages in their country and they don’t mind saying so.

Last year, the march attracted 60,000 people carrying Polish flags and shouting nationalist slogans like ‘Pure Poland, White Poland.’

but guess what? there remain some insane, self-loathing whites clinging to power in poland. the mayor of Warsaw is one such pos. he has temporarily stopped polish patriots from marching in protest of the EU migrant invasion. i guess he can’t read the writing on the wall. if he doesn’t voluntarily remove his traitorous butt from office, the polish people will do it for him. i hope they drag this pos into the streets and set him on-fire…


Wasn’t this ban reversed by the courts?


i don’t know… but i hope so. regardless, they will march anyway.