RIP dead Hippie


Fucking weirdo, but in my lsd days, took me for better trips musically than anyone out there.

Austin music, ftfw. That’s for the fucking win.


California dreaming was the best music during my lsd days.


I’m puzzled. I’ve never done drugs other than codeine after a surgery once and it was blissfully peaceful.

I’m aware the CIA used LSD or clinically named Lysergic Acid Diethylamide for horrible experimentation on people to research the drug and how it distorts and changes a persons perceptions.

Nonetheless, I’ve had two friends that have used LSD in their life and they experienced what the said was a otherworldly positive adventure.
One told me he was at and witnessed an entire speech by Adolf Hitler? WTF?

The lead singer of Iron Butterfly reportedly recorded this song laying down on his back on LSD.
I love that song.


With sincerity, I don’t know if I could trust anyone who’s never dropped.


I completely couldn’t do that. I’m already paranoid, It would just make it worse. Bad trip for sure.
I’m not stating it’s bad at all. My implication is that it can be used for recreational purposes or Weaponized for an agenda.
Hendrix loved Acid and look at what musical accomplishments he created.


It opens your mind to different places and allows you to see things for other perspectives. Definitely something to try but magic mushrooms would be a safer route. Even though I tried SID first, it lasts a very long time. Mushrooms are a few hours. Salvia is a glimpse into it.


LSD is not at all like codeine. they didn’t name it “acid” for nothing. it’s INTENSE and alters reality and if you are easily freaked-out DON’T DO IT and never do it alone. it’s a smart thing to have someone there who’s not high to make sure that nobody has a “bad trip” and if they do, they can keep him from hurting himself or others. you have to be very “centered” to do psychedelics with no worries or concerns… the ONLY thing i might consider is micro-dosing mushrooms but i’d never do LSD again.


Exellent advice Mr Whitey :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response. It reminded me of this movie, one of my favorites. Hunter S Thompson.