Richard Spencer on Patrick Little, Paul Nehlen, Daily Stormer and Weev


He talks about different strategies.


The Daily Sausagefest and The Rabbinical Stuff can’t be trusted. They promote Ricky Vaughn nationalism, not White Power; Spencer is a good scholar, commentator and public intellectual but he’s not Fuhrer material; Nehlen and Little may not be to everyone’s liking but they are doing what they can to raise public awareness of the JM (Jewish Menace).


I don’t have time to listen to Spencer’s opinions on this but I’ll give you my quick take.

One of the first things Little did when he came on the scene was post on Gab that the Daily Stormer and other people who have put years of work into the movement were controlled opposition. So here’s someone who comes out of nowhere and insults the people who did work on DS and then proceeded to question why his campaign got no coverage on the site. If he wasn’t so antagonistic out of the gates, things probably would have been different. It was almost as if he was trying to manufacture a scandal and exacerbate an already existing schism in the movement.

And I think Paul Nehlen’s doxing of Ricky Vaughn speaks for itself. It was a counter productive move and caused widespread alienation.

If Little and Nehlen can help bring more people to our side with what they’re doing than I’m all for it, but I have some serious questions about the tactics and judgment of both men.


I’ll say this about Spencer’s speaking skill: it hasn’t improved.


Nehlen’s doxxing of RV remains a testament to his fundamental untrustworthyness. Ricky Vaughn was not Paul Nehlen’s personal asset to cash in when it suited him in a fit of pique. RV was our asset as a movement, & Nehlen’s doxxing of him is thus an attack on all of us.

As for Little, he was threatening to dox DS BBS users because he felt slighted that Anglin wasn’t giving him sufficient protagonism. Fuck these prima donas. Let them go be pants models in Korea.


Anyone who is pushing the narrative our way is a force for good in my book, even though I cringe at all the infighting and am far from agreeing with all of their methods and actions.