Retarded vegan trepasser caused deaths of 100 rabbits in process of saving 16


“Ooh! Look at me I have blood on my face!”


Well intended, I suppose, but definitely not the sharpest knife in the drawer-- and possibly more interested in appearing to be a heroic rescuer than actually helping the rabbits themselves.


Good lord, do any of these whacks have an ounce of self respect.


This shows these idiots don’t really care that much about the animals: it’s just ego and the desire of praise from virtue signaling and doing “what’s correct” but only if in front of others.


lol i am constantly trying to prove to people how deranged most vegans are and how horrendous that a plant based diet is for your body.
Its tiring.
Anyone ever wonder why mostly white women are vegans?
Anyways , whenever these nutjobs start whining about the lie that animal farming is destructive to ecosystems and claim that plant farming is ‘non harmful’ , you just have to lol at them.
Plant farming , specifically that poison palm oil, kills astronomically higher numbers of living creatures than animal farming does, by far.
I guess to vegans only cows, pigs and chickens matter…

Insects, birds, rodents , reptiles and countless other creatures lose their natural habitats when we destroy the terrafirma in such a destructive and useless way.
When cows are farmed on large pieces of land, they are shifted around to where their food supply is more plentiful and then they are moved when they eat it all to where more grass is and this cyclical method is actually good for the soil and the earth.
There is nothing natural about farming fruits and veggies that are usually only available seasonally.
There is nothing “good” about farming berries and avacados yr round so nutcases in Sweden can eat avocado toast after this crap damages the earth when farmed and then wastes fossil fuels to be shipped everywhere on earth.
These same leftist lunatics(i’ve never met a vegan who wasn’t an open leftist) are nonstop whining about fossil fuel omissions and muh “global” warming…
Pure lunacy.


Also muh cow farts!!
Also important to eat locally, meat or plant it makes sense bar none.