Relaunch of "Weekly World News" Next Week!


Do you want to know why Ed Anger ‘Hates St. Patrick’s Day’?

Do you want to know when the alien UFO’s will really get here?

Then the wait is almost over. Weekly World News will relaunch NEXT WEEK, the 25th.

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They were telling the truth the whole time!



These are the people who brought you such stories as “I Sold my Baby to UFO Aliens to Pay for a Nose Job” and the stories about faggot vampires who were afraid of GRIDS.


Weekly World News is positively sane and believable compared to the current fare served up by the judenpresse.


Agreed. I can spot a dumbocrap feeemale a mile away. They are the ugliest creatures on planet earth.


Finally a credible source of news and information. I look forward to reading it.


the UFO stuff is a waste of time - “oh look over there!” while your country is being invaded


Elvis sightings,your horoscope,and Bat Boy. All in one convenient package.

What’s not to like?


It’s more credible than CNN & the NYT.