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No offense intended Spahn, I thought you might like this.


When there’s sexual tension, all rules and restrictions.are out the window.


“White privilege” = a humans power to adapt and overcome hardship, not found in niggers

My BLOOD BOILS when I hear the phrase " White privilege"


screwed, jewed and tattooed



Could you imagine some nebbishy jew boy or feminist cat lady performing REAL labor like these guys? Yet they have the friggin’ nerve to whine about the “white male patriarchy”. Without White men those parasites would literally DIE.


i know about hard work…when i was 15 i started working at a masonry company as a laborer and i set up scaffolding , mixed concrete , shoveled mud , lugged around 28lb block all day and wheel-barreling tasks …
Can you imagine some millennial fag or soy boy cuck doing this stuff in todays world?





Zionism is using Islam as a tool to destroy the west.




There are at least 5 999 998 more to go, but it was a move in the right direction. Good job.



Yeah Chucky, …Just…look at …IT






It’s true!! Memes do become reality.


Just think, we had the Goyim fooled all this time !!

NAZIS = White Males.


A happy merchant gif.



Posted wrong.


Here, but don’t know if I can PM. I assume I’m going to be limited on my posting, since this is a new account. My old account got shoahed after c-ville.

Doesn’t look like I can post images yet either.


Can we call you Flacker for short. JK Welcome Sir.